Save some Bolides for me!

  1. ...My family and I are leaving tomorrow for a short vacation to visit relatives. Unfortunately, no H where we're headed.:crybaby:
    I did just get a call and my Birkin is back from the "hospital" and good as new! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Now I have to wait until the end of next week to pick it up. Gosh, I've missed that bag!!

    Not sure how much computer time I'll have (probably not much) so I'll wish all of you guys a great week. "See you soon!! :yes:
  2. Awww. The Bolidettes will be very sad without GT.

    I'll save all the ebene clemence bolides in all the sizes until you get back.
  3. Have a great vacation, GT:smile: !! There may be one or two Bolides left for you at the end of week, but it is tough to say....we work pretty quickly, ;). I hope that you enjoy the time away and we will look forward to your return.
  4. Have a great vacation GT! Looking forward to your return (and your Birkin's)!
  5. Have a lovely trip, Greentea! We'll miss you!
  6. that's great news about your bag greentea. looking forward to a happy reunion.

    what's the longest anyone has gone without their H bag (not one they want to buy, but one they already own)?
  7. Have a lovely trip!
  8. Have a great and safe trip!
  9. have a lovely trip!!!!

    SCP currently has an ebene mou bolide in 37. The price supposedly is due to increase anytime soon. GT u should get it before the price goes up.
  10. Have a great trip. Is this ski week for you?
  11. Hey GT! I just returned myself from 5 days away....and it was basically an hermes-free zone apparently where I went as well! But for meeting up with one PF gal and seeing her gorgeous kelly...I saw none...hope you are having fun!
  12. have fun! We'll try to leave some Bolides on the shelves. :sweatdrop: