save now, everything is increasing for fall...

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  1. if you have not heard or noticed, EVERYTHING is increasing for fall..reissues, classics, jelwery, wallets, accessories..oh my! and let me tell you there are some AMAZING things coming Acts I-III including a dark green flap (not classic) ,bordeaux and dark navy bags and lady braids in more then one color etc amongst over 90 pages of things I just saw. No purple coming back though :sad:...(sigh) Im making a list for my SA right now...oh wow, but the prices...everything is increasing significantly.:yes:

    better start saving now gals!
  2. WTF? ANOTHER PRICE INCREASE?!?!! :cursing:
  3. from what I could see even diamond stitch bags are coming back increased prices 200$+ if not more of an increase on majority of bags. accessories, wallets also increasing. reissues increasing, flaps, the classic clutches are not though...hmm what else...I dont remember..if someone has a specific type of bag then post and Ill look and tell you.

    *didnt see any colored classic flaps though, so I guess chanel isnt doing anything bold this fall.
  4. Aww man... what a killer. Thanks for the info though!
  5. oh yeah expandable flaps going up to 2650ish
  6. eeeeeeeeeeeeek lol
  7. OMG:cursing:
  8. Urgh! Better get buying i guess
  9. That totally sucks!!!!!!! GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR
  10. whaaaaaaat!!
  11. Crud. Thanks for letting us know!
  12. can we get the catelouge scanned in :biggrin:

    Thanks for letting us know ><!
  13. Were you abel to get a date as to when the price increase would take effect?
  14. Okay - is Chanel owned by the gas companies? What is up with increases!!??
  15. sorry, pls clarify if the the classic flaps increasing or not?