Save My Feet - cream for high heels!

  1. Hi everyone -

    Has anyone heard of this or used it? -

    Here's the ad -

    "High Heel Fix - The makers of Save My Feet said it works through pantyhose and even socks. Users are instructed to apply the cream three to four minutes before putting on their high heel shoes. The company said the product works through panty hose or socks and can be used with any type of high heels
    One user said she applied the product before wearing her highest heels and avoided getting blisters.
    "I tried it on with some of my highest heels, and I wasn't getting blisters!" said high-heel wearer Sue Anne Shaw. "It's noticeable -- the ball of my foot isn't as sore as it would be."
    The product does have its medical supporters as well. Podiatrist Suzanne Levine said women can now wear their highest heels all day with little or no pain.
    "This may be the best way women can allow themselves to get by in a pair of 4 inch office heels if they will use this lubricant to alleviate some of the pain they would have otherwise," Levine said.
    Save My Feet sells for about $20 for a four-ounce bottle. It can be obtained at several local retailers.

    Sounds great to me - what do you think?

  2. Me want
  3. I need this!
  4. I also saw the Compeed anti-blister stick cream. I've never tried it but heard it's good. I use the Compeed blister plasters which are like second skin and are very good. They help protect and avoid blisters.

    Here's a review on the anti-blister cream.

    Blister Assister Launches Anti-Blister Stick - OUTDOORSmagic Gear news
  5. There is one called Bodyglide that I just ordered from principle as the the other blister guard sticks
  6. I need these too..the 4 inch heels kill me sometimes ;op but I love them!
  7. Where can you get the "High Heel Fix?"
  8. Tippy Toes
  9. Update?? Did anyone actually try it?
  10. Sounds like I could use this!
  11. Yeah, any updates? I would like to hear experiences, good or bad.
  12. I have been using this product for years, and I can tell you I don't leave home without it. I'm sure that it might not solve all problems, but it's good enough that I sure woudn't wear a pair of shoes that it doesn't work on!