Save My Face Pillow and Satin Pillowcases

  1. Okay, so I have two questions:

    I've been using the Save My Face La Petit pillowette, which is the smaller version of the pillow, for a couple months now and I really like it. My only problem with it is sometimes my face ends up on my regular pillow anyway because the pillowette is not that thick. Does anyone have the La Grande pillow and do you like it?

    And secondly, does anyone here find using a satin pillowcase helps prevent wrinkles? Maybe if I put one on the pillow underneath my pillowette it will help...
  2. I had never heard of these pillows but will check them out. I do have a satin sheet set which I found annoying because my quilt was always sliding off. So I just stuck with the pillowcases because I had also heard sleeping on them would help but I've noticed no difference. I would think that is you put your pillowette on top of the pillow with a satin case, it will probably slide.
  3. I've read before that satin and silk pillows are better then regular cloth pillows to prevent wrinkles but if that is true i don't know or just a myth? Any ladies know?
  4. they look uncomfortable.
    I think if you wash your pillowcase often or change them often that should work just as good. bacteria builds up on whatever your sleeping on. I couldnt sleep on any material that isnt breathable.
  5. I have the La Grande pillow. I think that it is really comfortable as far as neck support goes, but it is hard to sleep on it right. It is so thin, that I always wake up in the wrong position. IMHO, it is good for comfort, but not for preventing wrinkles.