Save Money For Chanel!

  1. I was just replying to a thread about what other bags I like and it occured to me that since I bought my first CHANEL I feel the money I have spent on other bags were a waste and that its really worth saving for CHANEL and dont just throw it away for ''trendy'' 'it' bags. I mean believe me if I saved the receipts and everything I would resell them but I can be bothered dealing with authenticity.:hysteric:

    Does anyone else feel so in love with CHANEL:love: ?????????????????
  2. yep, I do!

    I'd prefer a Chanel over most any other bag at this point, even Hermes {not a fan}.
    When I get my brown pre-order ths Fall I'm thinking of selling my LV.
  3. I completely agree! This type of thinking will save me a lot of money in the long run.
  4. Me too. I've decided to stick to buying Chanel :
    It has style, quality and longevity.
  5. Me too! :love: :love: :love: Chanel!
  6. It feels nice not to be alone:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. Totally agree.:yes:
  8. I love Chanel. It's definitely a classic. However I love my other bags too, but Chanel is my favorite. I get more of that show off appeal with Chanel.
  9. it feels sexier too dontcha think?
  10. Oh yea. You know I like to show off. Hence the appeal of the gawdy fake jewelry.
  11. I LOVE my Chanels, I have finally found my HG...I've been looking for a bag that would fit my frame, found Chanel and have never looked back! I like LV too, but I don't love it like Chanel. :love:
  12. LMBO elong!!!!!
    That's right!
  13. I agree completely.

    I love Chanel - there is something so classic, yet feminine about the line. Some of the new "it" bags look like small suitcases to me! But there is something elegant and timeless about Chanel.

    I am in the process of saving up for my next one...I've love another classic caviar bag in cream or beige.
  14. I used to try to keep up with the trendy bags....but with bags costing 1k or gets hard to keep up! I tend to buy what I really only love....but sometimes when a bag becomes outdated I feel funny wearing my Dior girly bag. Lately, I have been focussing on the classics....bags that you can love and have forever. I absolutely love Chanel....there is a special feeling I get when wearing one that I don't from the other designers. I especially love my classic flap bags....I have one in off-white and one in pink. I know I have to get basic black, too. LOL

    Now....I would rather spend more money on classic bags that I can enjoy for a long time.....then on bags that are "out" after a year or so.....

    One good thing about buying classics is that no one knows when you bought can wear it now or 20 years from now and it is still "in"....of course, limited edition bags are different ...those are special in their own way....
  15. Ditto.