Save, carry or display as art my kusama speedy?

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  1. So sorry for another Kusama thread. Promise this will be my last! As many of you know, I do own a blue Kusama speedy. But thought I might want another Kusama bag. After spending 2 days calling 1-800 numbers and boutiques all across the U.S. - There are NONE left! And no more to be made and NONE coming out in November. I cannot believe that there were only 50 blue Kusama speedys sold in the U.S. and I have one! So... do I use it, save it to be in a collection or should I display it as a piece of art in my home?!
  2. I'm using my blue Kusama Speedy ... love it!
  3. I find it really hard to believe there were only 50 blue's sold in the USA. Where did you hear that from? I feel like there have been 49 reveals on here alone.
  4. Definitely using mine. On a side note, if only 50 were distributed in the US, I'm pretty sure tPF has most of them. J/k
  5. I see that the Papillon is still available in all colours on the U.S site.
  6. Use it! I'm using mine as well..:biggrin: That is really hard to believe.. If it's true, then we're really lucky..:giggles:
  7. I totally cannot believe only 50 in the U.S. either. But that is just for the blue speedy one. Several SAs told me that. If we count all the reveals on TPF - must remember that they are not all in United States. But even if my info is incorrect and there are twice as many - 100 is still very very limited. I'm really happy that I have this bag. I want to use it but I'm waiting to have a good hair day and a pretty outfit on!
  8. Definitely use and enjoy it! That's what it was meant for!
  9. You should use it and enjoy it since it is so on trend right! I got the blue speedy as well and red neverfull, still trying to decide if I want to keep both :smile: But if they are that limited I guess I should. BTW, there are still kusama neverfulls on the LV website in all colors (I hear the white is HOT)!
  10. Carry it, use it, enjoy it
  11. +1 :smile:
  12. +1
  13. Use it.... I just paid my bill so I will be carrying red Kusama Speedy soon!
  14. Use it! No point in spending that much money if you're not going to use it and enjoy it :smile:
  15. Wow! I did not know only 50 were released in US. I was on the fence about it and my daughter talked me into getting. Mine arrived yesterday and I Love It!! Congrats on yours too. I was always hesitant to use some of my more expensive bags but now I just use them all! Enjoy yours!