Save a girls job, help!

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  1. Hello Ladies, :smile:

    I hope this isn't too much for a first post but I'm desperate for help, so here goes. I work for a very successful man here in California. I have been tasked with determining what bag to get for my employer's girlfriend. He knows just enough to be dangerous but I'm required to figure out the "exact" bag. My salary does not permit me to play in these waters so I'm afraid I'm lacking the knowledge to do a good job. Maybe, just maybe you can help me? This should be fun but I'm freaking out. :wtf:

    He wants a Birkin 35cm.
    He likes the Orange but worries it will be too bright.
    He likes the Brown tones but worries they will be too tame. (same with Black)
    He really likes the Ostrich but worries it will not be as durable long-term.
    He likes "timeless and classic"

    If that wasn't enough his girlfriend is a 3rd grade teacher. Who ever heard of a 3rd grade teacher with a Birkin? :rolleyes:

    What would you ladies tell him to buy??? Any advice would be wonderful.

    Oh yes, I should mention that money is not an issue (Mercedes for last B-Day) and he has indicated to me to not worry about the waiting list (well connected). All I need to give him is a "This is the one!" Sounds simple, right?

    Thank you so much for any advice you can give.


  2. Get a brown or black birkin !

    Thats classic and suits a 3rd grade teacher !!!

    She can go 'B for BIRKIN' in class :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  3. Gold ostrich Birkin for her and a Trim for you!
  4. I've heard of a 5th grade teacher with a Kelly, so I think it's very possible. If he's looking for timeless and classic, but not as "tame" as black or brown, I think blue jean togo is a perfect solution. It goes with almost everything, and it's such a popular color!
  5. I'm thinking gold in togo, vache liegee or swift. Noisette is also nice in-between-orange-and-brown color.

    But while money is not the problem, availability is. These bags don't compare in nthe exact leather and color you want all the time, all the more in the 2 weeks leading to Christmas.

    Good luck!
  6. Third grade teacher? (she's young) Los Gatos? (he's rolling in dough) ......BIRKIN. Gold Togo with Palladium hardware.

    Timeless, casual, a workhorse and chic!!!!
  7. I'm thinking gold, havanne, or potiron in togo or clemence. I think they would look great on a 3rd grade teacher!
  8. Go for the Brown with Gold hardware. It's classic color and not too old. Neutral as well. Black and dark brown might been boring for a 3rd grade teacher, I work with kids sometimes and I love to use color with them. BRIGHT colors, but they are pre-school age :heart:.

    Try Gold with gold hardware in Cherve and it will get that POP in color :smile:


    Oh, I am no expert here, just a newbie, but I have been cooking birkin receipes in my head for nites and nites and nites.. was haunted by a white kelly from ebay last nite :roflmfao:

    credits: jemzjewels
  9. Hi Jen,

    such a nice task to be given by a boss :yes: Believe me, there are worse kinds :sad:

    How about RED?

    Remember the episode in 'Sex and the City' 'Woulda, Coulda Shoulda' think something along those lines? I think RED is really nice, it's not as bright as Orange as your boss feared and not too tame like Brown/Black.
  10. Wow, you ladies are quick. Thank you so much.

    The Gold Ostrich is Beautiful! I don't know about her but I love it. :love:

    btw-yes he is rich but she is actually his age (mid-30's). Gives some of us at the office hope. Add the 6'3" and very good looking part and you can imagine the office water cooler talk.

    Oh, and don't think I haven't thought about a helpers fee.

    Thanks again, you ladies are great.

  11. At the VERY LEAST, for you, Hermes shawl or scarf!
  12. I'm with GK - Gold Ostrich.

    Then again, if money really is no object, he might as well go a croc.......
  13. LOL! Ditto ... CROC! CROC!
  14. A gold birkin to start. In my opinion, though money is not an issue, save the croc for next year.
  15. peko! You're such A GOOD GIRL!! I've got to turn you into a BAD girl!!!!!