SAVE 10% on!!

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  1. Hi everyone...most of you may already know, but you can save 10% off your next order at from now until Thursday, August 10th!

    Promo code is SHOPJULY

    :wlae:Happy Shopping!
  2. ^Love your graphics!
  3. hmmm, so we can't use this promo code instore????
  4. Thank you crowgal! I'm going to buy some jeans!
  5. Does anyone know if we can use this promo code more than once?
  6. Not sure, but I'm sure you could. You can always check your shopping cart before you buy...
  7. Nice and thanks!
  8. Oh, I just saved $146 bucks. Thanks crowgal!
  9. Thanks for posting!:heart:
  10. You can only use this code once.:sad:
  11. Thanks for the code!
  12. I bought a bag and used the code. Thanks for sharing. I saved 10%.
  13. I sure used the code three times , I bought three sale items and I used shopjuly and was given the discount. maybe their mistake, but my gain!!!!