Sauna Or SteamRoom??

  1. What is the difference between the two ????besides the obvious that once uses dry heat and the other one uses steam

    and which one is more beneficial?!?!
  2. I refuse to go into the steamroom, that room just seems to be filled with germs, gives me the creeps, but its good for opening your pores though. I prefer the sauna because its dry and doesnt seem like germs are crawling all over me, but after a while it will dry out your skin
  3. I love the steamroom. I sit there for a few minutes almost every time I'm at the gym as a reward for having worked out. Great for your skin. The sauna just makes me feel hot and bothered but the steam fills terrific.

  4. HAHAHHAHA i was just thinking that when i was sitting in the room... i didn't even want my feet to touch the ground cause i was thinking i was goin to catch some sort of Fungi...hahahhahaha
  5. so basically they are prety much the saame they help to shed water wieght?
  6. I think they help shed some water weight... I think. I don't have a steam room at the facility I work out at, but the sauna is un-bearable for me. I last about 2 minutes in there...
  7. i have really bad eczema and i am stiffy very iffy about sitting in the sauna......but..what if u throw water on the rocks....wouldn't that put some moisture in the room??
  8. Sauna is not hot enough for me. I prefer the streamroom.
  9. My bf's parents house they have both a sauna and a steamroom. I love both! If you are in a public place always sit on a towel, ewww it coudl get nasty. I am always scared aswell. But I love both , they refresh you, help you lose some water weight and they can help with a cold.
  10. Sauna, no doubt. I love it really hot, around 90-95 degrees Celsius (194-203 degrees Fahrenheit), followed by a really chilly shower and chillin outside.
  11. HAHA YOU would!!! :lol:

    That would put my body in shock overload with such varrying temps :Push:
  12. Sauna for sure! I can hardly believe our luck! Our landlord called the other day to say that when our lease is up at the end of May, we have to move because he wants to move into the house, but our neighbors across the street just got the contract as caretakers at Galena Lodge (just north of Sun Valley) and they want us to rent their house while they are living up there, and the house comes complete with wood-heated sauna in the back yard! Woohoo! Call first before you come to visit (hee hee)!

  13. I love steam rooms. When I was living in NY, my shower had a steam function to it and I would just sit in there and soak in the wonderful steam. It was fantastic!! I loved it!!!