Saumur: Is the strap too long for a shorty?

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  1. Hello all TPFers. Lately I have been thinking about getting a mono piece. I still ponder about it though since I don't know if mono pieces are too showy to be used in my workplace (because of the LV logo). To date, with one exception (mono cles), I don't have any mono pieces. I own epi pieces (st. jacques and petit noe) and a Damier Saleya.

    Back to the Saumur topic, do you think the strap is too long for me (I am 5'2"). I don't live close to a LV store so I cannot go to the store to try it out. If you are about my height and/or you have pics to share, I will appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. i don't think the strap is too long; it will look nice on you.
  3. hi! its quite adjustable! i think it would be great!
  4. :yes:It's very nice if you make another circle with the strap around the middle of the bag... you can do it opening the shoulder strap or the two straps that link the two parts of the bag.:okay:

    I don't know if I was clear...

  5. I'm 5ft1 and the straps were not too long on me (whether worn on the shoulder or across body) - the strap length has a nice range of adjustibility
    We can also do the straps like Stephanie said to turn it into an under the shoulder bag.
  6. I'd really like to see how this looks if someone can supply a pic.