saumur-is it popular?

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  1. I have never seen anyone IRL carry it which is probably why I like it:p .

    Does anyone else have this bag? and is it a good bag for uni? i.e. could it fit my purse, makeup bag and some folders/files/books?
  2. I don´t think it is a popular bag :shrugs: I looove it though.
  3. My mom was interested in it before she got her Vive Cite GM. I think she decided the buckle thing was too much to deal with.
  4. My sis has one. It looks really sharp, but she said the buckles drove her nuts, so she hardly uses it.
  5. Oh no the buckles must be a pain. Does it look stupid if you leave it open?
  6. Yeah the buckles would drive me insane too but,

    I would probably leave the buckles like this:

    Don't really care so much if I look stupid as long as I look stupid with an LV :jammin: :roflmfao:
  7. Good point:nuts: :yes:
  8. When it use to be a popular bag most ppl left the rear pocket buckle unlatched for the most essential items needed. This would eliminate opening the front pocket as the back is worn closer to the body.
  9. ^
    Agreed! I bought my mom this bag (back in 01) for her birthday, and she really loved it. She had use it till the shoulder strap was broken.
    She had plenty stuffs, and all of them could fit in the bag.
  10. Oh so there are two openings and they both have buckles. That is even better. I have never seen any IRL before so I didn't know that.
  11. i love mine!! it fits quite a bit...... and hands free!

    buckle is not a broblem at all!!!:heart:
    DSC05631 (2).JPG DSC05634.JPG DSC05635.JPG DSC05640 (2).JPG
  12. Love your Saumur Sophia!
  13. I really like the saumur.
  14. i like it!
  15. that is really nice:love: