Saumur Before & After

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  1. I made some alterations to the mini lin Suamur. Lets just say its new & improved. It would make access sooo much easier. can I get LV to make these changes?

    I have an extensive LV collection. Would they make these changes for moi? Not that I think Im super special, but it never hurts to ask, right?

    Heres the before & after pics.
    mini lin saumur.jpg new & improved Saumur.JPG
  2. Great idea, but I don't know how to get them to change it. Seriously, they should consult us first before any new releases.
  3. great idea
  4. i dont think they would alter the bag for you but you might be able to do a custom order and have a totaly new and individual bag created.
  5. That looks alot better and much more practical.
  6. hmmm this is actually a really great idea for the saumur... let us know what they say :smile:
  7. I really like it - the front buckle looks better than the original - I don't know if the side ones should be scaled down a bit or perhaps toned down in color. Even if you just did the front buckle replacement it is a definite improvement and the side buckles would still match the strap.
    I like yours better than the original - plus it is more practical.
  8. gosh this is a great idea! i would be totally inclined to purchase this.
  9. I actually wanted that bag but the buckling and unbuckling the strap was just too much for me, but I would definitely buy it if it were more like what you created ... excellent btw! Let us know if they'll SO it for you! Good luck!
  10. Great idea! The way it is now is a total pain to get in and out of!!
  11. Neat idea, but koala clasps are generally pricier on LV items.
    Ask if you could S.O. this !!
  12. Good idea, and I LOVE the Koala clasps...very classy!
  13. Gosh.:blush: I am delightfully surprised by all your comments. :tender:

    So you think an S.O., huh? Im not even asking for a brand new bag design. Its more of a practical modification to an existing design.

    Fingers crossed. I really love the Suamur, but the current buckles are a turnoff.......hmmmm, or how bout magnetic closures. The ones where the magnet is hidden behind the fabric. That would create the EASIEST access, yeah? And the bag would look so clean.