Saumur 30 or 35 for Diaper Bag?

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  1. Hey ladies! I'm looking for some help/advice. I want to get a Saumur for my diaper bag and am still not sure which size to get. Originally I thought the 30 would be fine, but now I'm not sure if the pockets are big enough.

    Has anyone had experience using it as a diaper bag? Or just any thoughts on if the 30 is roomy enough? Any pics of them stuffed full would help, too!

    Thanks for any help!
  2. *bump*

    Can anyone help?
  3. I don't have kiddos, but I personally think the 30 is too small. I have the 35 and feel I can pack a small country in it.
  4. Here's a stuffed photo...just for reference.

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  5. I don't think this is everyone's first choice as far as a diaper bag. That's probably why you're not getting any answers. First choice for Diaper bags are usually NF and Totallys; and in my case, the Marylebone.

    Sorry op, IDK if this helped any. good luck
  6. Definitely 35. 30 to me is everyday handbag size. I think for all of your stuff + baby's stuff, 35 would be best. Best wishes to you and the baby! :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone! I was going to use my Neverfull, but I would rather keep that bag for me :smile: Plus the Saumur seems like it would be easier to keep things separated and safely closed in.
  8. the 35 I think will be better
  9. I would agree with forespec. Size 35 may be better if you are looking to use the bag as a diaper bag. Size 30 is a bit smaller and more like an everyday bag. Good luck. :smile:
  10. Speaking with experience - I have 4 kids - get the 35.....but my first choice is the Totally MM.
  11. You should try it on first. Are you planning to wear it crossbody? What I noticed about crossbody bags is if they are heavy, they hurt my back, much easier on the shoulder. And if not ctosdbody, then get totally or neverfull with an organizer
  12. I purchased a vintage 30 for day trips to the zoo, Disney, parks, etc. After a few all day trips, I sold it! Here's why: 1. it was quite uncomfortable on my shoulder even with a small jacket on to cushion :/
    2. It was a pain in the a** to open & close the buckle multiple times
    3. It wouldn't hold a sippy cup for my toddler
    This is what I could carry in the 30: change of undies, epi pen & Benadryl, snack bag, ZCP, iPhone, & a few small toys for my girl. I don't think the 30 would hold diapers, changing pad, changes of clothes, bibs, bottles, creams/lotions, blankets etc, etc, etc.....I'm not even sure those things would even fit well in the 35???
    I used a mono NF MM that I already had everyday for 2 years as my diaper bag, I know you want to keep that as "your" bag but it did work out well for me. Have you considered any other bags?
  13. What I liked about the Saumur is that I could hang it on the stroller with the long strap. I've used a Neverfull on a stroller in the last with one of those hooks, and it just kept swinging around everywhere and was annoying. I'm not planning on carrying the bag around everywhere I go. It'll be for baby's stuff when we go out, and not something I'm going to wear while out. It'll be mostly to hang on the stroller or put in the basket, or to bring with us when we go places when we'll be away from home for any extended time. If that makes any sense. For shorter trips I'm going to use a small herschel backpack.

    I'm planning on buying pre-loved so I don't have to worry about messing it up at all.
  14. I wouldn't do it.

    I love saumur, but it is not an easy bag to get in and out of. It's good for keeping things safe, but when you're carrying something and holding a baby (which you always are) and blankies are draped on you and throw up is dripping down your back etc.. the LAST thing you want is to have to pick up your bag, go through the unbuckling process, need one hand to hold the flap open so you can see inside etc.. to get your baby wipes!

    And I've been through 2 need pockets. Especially pockets that hold bottles/ sippy cups etc... upright.

    I have 2 Totallys now, and I wish I had them when my kids were babies...but for a diaper bag you need something big, something that is easy to get in and out of, something that you can reach in with one hand, and something that has some kind of pockets for things that can spill.
  15. +1