Sauge vs Etoupe? Color comparison?

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  1. Hi ladies and gents, I was hoping someone could help me out. Does anyone have both Sauge and Etoupe, who wouldn't mind taking a pic of them together? I'm trying to get a better sense of this new color! I know different leathers will show different, but the pics I've seen so far are very different from each other.

    I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place; mods please feel free to move it!
  2. Hi! I have Etoupe in Clemence and looked at sauge in Clemence. I felt they were very similar from a " neutrals" perspective. It certainly reads green/sauge. That being said, I probably wouldn't buy sauge since I have etoupe and malachite. Sauge is beautiful!
  3. I don't have anything in Sauge but I saw it recently and I have to say that in a certain light my Etain B in Clemence looked like Sauge. Even my SA noticed the similarity. Not sure how helpful that is but I thought I'd mention it. :biggrin:
  4. I saw sauge
    Was offered jige I rejected
    Definitely green undertone
    Very different from Etoupe

  5. I agree. I was offered a sauge halzan and passed due to the green undertone. It isn't as "neutral" as etoupe IMHO.

    It is pretty, but just not for me.
  6. Thanks you guys!

    I know it's definitely a green tone, but I guess what I'm trying to determine is if Sauge is as light/dark as Etoupe. Or is it as light as Gris T or Arigile (but still green toned of course)

    As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words, but 1. H colors are notoriously hard to capture and 2. It's a new color, so there aren't a lot of people who have it yet ️ That's why I was hoping someone had both so I could compare them in the same lighting conditions!
  7. It has been quite some time since I saw the swatches, but I think Sauge is not nearly as dark as etoupe. It is probable closer to Gris T in terms of depth. I hope I remember that correctly. Hopefully others will weigh in too! It was a lovely color... a lovely neutral with a light green undertone.
  8. For sure lighter than etoupe
    Not close to argile
    Argile has bit pink undertone
    sauge hmm
    Very diluted green tea color I would say
    saw lots of sauge displayed in japan
  9. Brewed matcha is exactly what sauge reminds me of, so +1 to the diluted green tea.

    It is a gorgeous color. I'd buy if I didn't already have etoupe. But, while it is different, it is too close for me to justify both, I think.
  10. Yes yes matcha ditto
    Oiishi! !!!
  11. Now I want Sauge badly. I can't justify a bag since I have the etoupe, but I hope it comes in SLG. :love:

  12. Yes, that is exactly what I'm hoping to see in a picture! For instance, if Sauge was on a paint swatch card, would it line up with Etoupe or Gris T in terms of "value" or saturation.


  13. That's interesting! From what I've seen, they shouldn't be so similar! The beauty of H colors are there chameleon qualities!

  14. Lol, thank you Kyokei! I'm sure they will start streaming in soon!

  15. Thank you for the help bagidiotic! Yummy, green tea! You make me want to go brew a cup!