Satya Jewelry

  1. I saw some beautiful necklaces at the Satya shop while window shopping in nyc. Does anyone have any jewelry by Satya? Here's a link to their site:
  2. i don't but my friend loves their jewelry and i always stop in when i'm passing by. i love the daintiness of their pieces.
  3. I'm drawn to the necklaces & earrings b/c they look so delicate. . . Now I'm just wondering whether the pieces are well made (strong clasp/links). I plan on going back to check it out in person. Thanks for answering:smile:

  4. I bought a necklace at the store when I was visiting NY a few years ago. Their stuff is very pretty!!!!
  5. I just noticed that they don't have gold jewelry but silver covered in gold vermeil. What in the world is "gold vermeil" ?
  6. ^^
    I think vermeil means gold plated not solid gold. I prefer silver anyways...
  7. Vermeil is a good alternative for people who are allergic to base metals or gold fill.

    Vermeil is sterling silver electroplated in 18-24k gold. It's generally brighter and more "gold" Looking than 14k gold or gold filled. It's a thinner layer of gold, however, than 14k gold filled. It's a thicker layer than gold plated, which is the lowest type of gold-colored jewelry.

    For pieces that come in close contact or are constantly rubbed, the gold can rub off, but it is generally very long lasting.
  8. ^^Good to know.
    Their jewelry definitely looks just like regular gold (at least from the window/online). I generally don't like yellow gold but I may be swayed to buy one of the gold vermeil necklaces. It's so nice to be able to ask for help & to have informed ppl answer.
    :heart:Thanks everyone!:heart:
  9. I know the Q was selling some of her jewelry. I purchased a necklace with the lotus in the center of the circle. It was much smaller than I thought it would be. It was a little too dainty in my opinion so I sent it back. I do think she has some pretty pieces though.
  10. I :heart: tiny necklaces/jewelry in general so this may be right down my alley.

    :shame:What is the Q?
  11. QVC shopping channel.