Saturdays Prada Box

  1. I got 2 bags sent to me..I adore both the colors..however the smaller one has HIDEOUS lookin Gold tacky hardware.While the grey is is also HUGE!Although it would make a great laptop bag...heeeheee.I was a tad disturbed...please note,That Prada sent me a marked up grey bag....Looked like someone has used it a bit.....the handle was marked up alot.They lose brownie points for that.I may have to change SA's.(The last delivery..she sent me USED worn lookin shoes...and said they were prob just FLOOR samples..WTH???LOL?)OY!!!!!!Im a bit disheartened by that.I would keep the grey bag.BUT I think i oughtta order it make a point.


  2. The gold hardware on the pink bag makes me want to cry...WHY PRADA WHY?????
    Silver hardware would have been TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I like the gold on the handles but not really on the buckles. Sorry to hear about the used items you got, unacceptable! :cry:
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Hmmmm...I agree about the gold hardware...other than that, the leather is gorgeous! As far as the other bag...I love it...but the facts about it's condition, on top of the shoes, makes me wonder about the attention that your SA is paying (NOT!) to the items she chooses to send you! :confused1:
  6. ^I know...and i buy almost ALL my Prada from her!!!WHICH IS ALOT!Im a bit saddened by that!
  7. :wtf: treat a big customer that way? I agree that you should change SA's and teach her a lesson :p Then she'll realized exactly what kind of customer she lost.
  8. Hi Jill, I'm sorry to hear about the condition of the goods your SA sent to you, it's really discouraging. Strongly support you to change a SA.

    On another note, regarding the hardware, as I've been in the Prada boutiques (3 in total;)) in Milan today, I think I did see (and even tried) a bag in the same color scheme (but much smaller) with silver hardware. Hopefully my memory serves me right. You may probably call the shop for further confirmation?
  9. ^WOW!!!3 boutiques in one day???LOL! U GO GIRL!
    I havent done THAT since I went to Paris,that was a FUN DAY!!!HEHE!
    I will look into the silver hardware ..THANKS for the heads up!
  10. Jill, I saw the grey in photos and was intrigued. Can you post a modeling photo before you sent it back???? Does it come in other sizes?
  11. Apart from the 3 Prada boutiques, my friend and I also went to so many other boutiques that now the pain in my feet is killing me! :smile:

    However, it's well worth it and I finally ended up buying a Miu Miu bag for AW season and some other stuff.

    In the Prada boutique there are many new styles for the AW season and many of them do look gorgeous!
  12. Beautiful Colors and I like the shapes. YUK again on those metal handle pieces - I know they are from something/somewhere ..... just can't put my finger on it right now ..... Hmmmmmm??
    Anyway, as for the SA, was the last time with the shoe issue the first time you've had a problem? So now would be strike 2?
  13. Hmmmm, pink bag is cute, hardware may be tolerable for me, will have to see. :graucho: The tote does look pretty big and unstructured. There is a smaller patent leather bowler that has silver hardware, I think its probably about the side of a speedy 25.
  14. I actually like the pink one. I'm a bit partial to gold hardware though.
  15. Jill, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gray!!! I'm not fond of the pink at all though.