Saturday's HAUL, SO NAUGHTY!

  1. so instead of the wristlets i was swooning over, we drove to Freeport and i bought 4 things!~

    i'm such a @#$%&*&%$#@~!

    anyway, i dont' have a Digi so i can't show you all the EXACT bags but i'm searching like HELL for pictures so hopefully the ones i can find can portray what i bought nicely.....


    Pic 1:
    Dooney & Bourke Quilted Signature Barrel :smile: was purchase number one! boo to the stupid S.A. cuz she KEPT MY TAG! i realized this when i got home which is almost 2 hours away, so i can't do a thing about it. i can't find an EXACT picture of the purse, the color anyway, and in my opinion MINE is much more pretty than the pic i found. My new Barrel Dooney is tan with Black DB's, and the leather is a delicious red all weather leather. (digi soon, i promise!)

    Pic 2:
    next pic is a coach keyfob, also not exactly the keyfob i bought, but the closest picture i could find. the purses are the same colors, but the shapes are switched (same shapes, just different colors on different shapes)... they also have little silver C's on them, so they all look signature! it's SO HOT!

    Pic 3:
    YES I GOT IT! i wanted SOMETHING cardinal, and i goooottttssss ittttt. cardinal skinny minnie coach coin purse! LOVE IT!

    Pic 4:
    Last but certainly not least... my lil coach lover. the first ever coach purse i bought looks exactly like this but in Khaki sig and gold leather... mm sexy... this new all black one i've been yearning for EVER SINCE i bought my first one in CALIFORNIA! i live in Maine, and the cali trip was in OCTOBER of '06 so i thought i'd never get it unless it was on eBay... it was on sale and THEN ON CLEARANCE... i pretty much STOLE it from this store for a mere... oh i'm not tellin u how much i paid, you'd killllll mee!

    omg i'm so psyched... i'm sorry these aren't the acctual pictures but i'm tryin to show ya what i got! tell me what you all think!

    :yahoo: :wlae: YAY:wlae: :yahoo:

    PS: my gayman will be joining this forum within the next 12 hours. he loves my pursies too!
    CloseCallToMyNewDoon.jpg kinda close keyfob!.jpg mynewSEXYSKINNYMINI!.jpg MY NEW LOVE!.jpg
  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY great shopping!!! ive been waiting to see what you would come back with they are great!!! the keyfob SO cute, i t hink i know the 0one you mean!

    The red skinny so sexy you are right

    and the bag!! i want to see the real thing-it wasnt on the coach site?


    ps tell gay roommate to say hi to me and check out my bag collection immediately! :smile: heeh xo
  3. cute haul!! congrats! (and your'e skinny mini is so sexy!! :graucho:
  4. Great shopping adventure! What fun you must have had!!
  5. You did well! Great taste!
  6. Great haul! Congrats!
  7. i love tPF and my roommate says HAAAY~
  8. ok to fix my mistake, i didn't look at my new dooney close enough, leave it to me to drop a dime on a nice bag and not even look at it cuz i knew it was love...

    it's GREY with red stitching between each quilted square, black dbs, and red leather... ya kow, imma get my peepers checked. first time i looked at this bag, i liked it alot. when you put your face real close to it like you love it dearly, it looks even prettier.
  9. Great shopping trip. :yahoo:
    You really scored. Congrats.
  10. YAY for you! What a fun time you must have had:nuts: .
  11. it was just what i needed, i tell ya what! :tender: i'm in love with my new dooney. as soon as i can get a picture up of what it really looks like i will. the color and pattern are to die for!
  12. Oooh wonderful purchases :yahoo: congrats they are lovely!
  13. ty gf! lol i am like stalking this post waiting for ppls opinions... i guess my purchases aren't that fabulous, but i'm excited anyway! i'm not really into much else other than Dooney and Coach right now, not only because i don't live around much else, but because my budget is NOT above that, i guess thats why i own such low end pieces, like Wilsons. (BUT i have a Tod's ;) ) cheap, delicious leather. *shrug* Dooney and Coach are kinda pricey, but you gotta love em ;)
  14. i guess the reason the words SO NAUGHTY probably don't mean much to most ppl is because i didn't buy high end designers..... lemme clarify.

    i'll be paying my rent a week late, due to these purchases.

    DONT feel bad or whatever, my landlords are shady as hell, and haven't fixed the hole in my kitchen ceiling or the problems we have in the bathroom, so i figure they can wait a week while i relish in my new purse glory.
  15. Congrats on your new purchase