Saturdays are for shopping...

  1. ...right? ;)

    I finally decided that my sky blue & yellow Les Pivoines scarf wasn't very me (love the design, but not the colours) so I decided to take it back and see what I could exchange it for.

    Ended up leaving with a somewhat larger bag... for which I blame one recent thread in particular :push:

  2. Ok, whip her out, let's see what in there! ;)
  3. Are you going to make us wait 35 pages too? :wtf:

    What is it? :nuts:
  4. OOOOOHHH!!! Please show us what's in the bag!
  5. Clue - it's not a bag :p

    I saw a HUGE Birkin which I assume must have been at least a 50 and weighed a tonne and a bunch of other bags but none came home with me this time :sweatdrop:
  6. A scarf, agenda, belt? :shrugs:
  7. China!!!???
  8. Ohhh...that's a good guess, is it? :nuts:
  9. :graucho:



    I love orchids so a Au Coeur de la Vie scarf seemed like an obvious choice...
  10. whts in the other?
  11. yea, what's in the other box???????????????????
  12. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! So much suspense here these days!!!
  13. Picotin!
  14. Well, seeing as I HATE getting up early it only made sense to get something to make those mornings a little more cheerful :nuts:

  15. Oh Loony! Not only is the scarf gorgeous, but this is just wonderful! That would make me smile on the gloomiest of days! Enjoy everything in the best of health!