Saturdays and Sundays !

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  1. What else (besides the obvious ) do you do on the weekends ?

    Weather permitting, I like to go for long bike rides with my family around Central Park.

    We cook and Bake .

    We go Grocery shopping.

    Sundays we like to go out for either Breakfast, Dinner or Brunch.

    I catch up with my corespondence.

    At some point catch up with my weekly soaps The Young and The Restless and The Bold and Beautiful. :shame:

    I usually have a social date with a girlfriend.

    The kids have there playdates and sleepovers etc...:wacko:

    This is how I spend some of my time on the weekends how about you?
  2. If Im not at my 8yr. old sons little league games or practices, Im usually cleaning house, or just simply lounging with my hubby and kids. I have to make up for all of the lost time I spend on this forum during the week:smile:
  3. I sleep. I lack sleep during the week, do homework, shop (sometimes:sad2: ), hang out with my friends, and get my nails and hair done.
  4. sleep, sleep, and ummm more sleep!

    well...also on saturdays i either have crew practice/a regatta and that means getting up early. and after practices we go to this bagel place nearby. i also go shopping from time to time and use the weekends to catch up on work.
  5. I sleep. I make soap. I watch TV. I go out shopping if my friends don't have anything else to do and wanted to go.
  6. In the wintertime me and my husband like to ski. We usually rent a house in Hunter Mountain which is only a two-hour ride from home. THis year we did not rent a house though, and I'm glad. It's been a very mild winter. (We did ski for a week at Heavenly Valley in Lake Tahoe though.) In the warmer months we both ride motorcycles. We have a couple of friends that we do day trips or weekend trips with. We have a few trips planned already for this summer.
  7. Hang out as long as possible in bed with my hubby and baby (family bonding time) before starting the day. Then its usually running errands, shopping, doing laundry and stuff around the house. On occasion, my husband and I go out with friends on a saturday night. But my favorite is when we stay in, put the baby to sleep, and just watch a movie or hang out just the two of us- sappy I know- but good for the soul.
  8. grocery shopping, cleaning the house, studying, hanging out or relaxing.
  9. Right now my husband is deployed so it's grocery shopping, pick up a Starbucks & relax the rest of the weekend!
  10. I'm a stay at home Mom, so my Saturdays are pretty much just like my Tuesdays! In fact, I often can't remember which day of the week it is! LOL!

    The only difference is my husband is usually always home on the weekends.
    We do the same things . . .
    shop, eat out, garden . . .
  11. I hang out at home, run, clean the house :suspiciou run errands I didn't get to do during the week, watch movies and catch up on All My Children, since I TiVo it :amuse:
  12. We love to go to my bf's parents house, on some weekends to relax. They have a 12,000 sq foot house. and then about 12,000 outdoors where there is a pool, pond etc. It is in NJ so in the summer we do the pool and bbq thing and in the winter, we go to the steam room and the sauna. We go to the indoor pool and then after that we watch a movie orr a boxing fight.

    I love to go to eat in the city or have the family get together at home , or friends.

    I like to go shopping for clothes bags shoes as well as grocery shopping in whole foods( and plan what to make for dinner or dessert)
  13. Work and work. I just opened my own store so I'm there pretty much constantly...Monday is my day off and then I do laundry, run errands, and shop of course.
  15. Wow ! nice Kat, I have friends that go to Hunter Mountain alot, Ive never been, plus Im a scaredy cat when it comes to, to much snow.:sad:
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