Saturday Reveal!

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  1. After trying to decide between Evora an Verona i made my Choice with ali lencouragement from my DH an took me on a trip this morning an now finally home :smile:
  2. A live one yea!
  3. Open open!!
  4. open please :smile:
  5. And also Ebene! Any guesses :smile:
    image-2103297492.jpg image-3313681799.jpg
  6. I present to you Mrs Verona! :cloud9:

    Her she is an all her Pretty Pleats!
    image-271496317.jpg image-828592588.jpg image-1316292692.jpg image-3640112563.jpg image-1503546966.jpg
  7. Yeah! I am sooooo happy for are going to love it!! We are Verona twins now!
  8. Also i tried to love artsy an spent some time an artsy wouldnt stay on my shoulder spent sometime an had some water tried on both bags but wanted something with a wow Factor an the pleats an small details just grew on me while with both bags! Couldnt be more happier! This is gonna be my lil statement piece. :biggrin:
  9. Beautiful!!
  10. :ghi5: she is definitly more gorgeous IRL! I was totally blown away. An im a sucker for bags with feet :smile: so huge bonus:biggrin:
  11. Thank you :smile:
  12. Thanks everyone for letting me share! Im now on a BAN :smile:
  13. what a beauty :smile:
  14. Lovely. Congrats : )
  15. I was hoping you liked it! You are going to rock it!