Saturday night - who's drinking? Come keep me company (please)!

  1. BF is hanging out with the guys, one of our friends is moving with his wife and 4-month-old baby girl to Tennesee next week. They're doing a guys' night, and I'm at home. Alone :nuts: I made some instant garlic noodle things, cracked open a bottle of cabernet sauvignon and plan on hitting the ice cream later - right out of the carton :graucho:

    Anyone else hanging out solo? Or drinking? Want to keep me company? :shame:
  2. I'm still at work, but I think I'll be on the vino later. Hanging out with Ben & Jerry doesn't sound too bad either!
  3. DUDE..where were ya last night..??????/LOL...Im hurtin from martinis with Jillybean..heehee..But have one for me anyway!
  4. Yeah, I'm heading to the grocery store before I am unable to drive due to intoxication :p
  5. Ooh see if they have Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream at your Grocerer.

    We don't have it yet and I really want to know how it is!!

    BTW: NO vino for me this evening - my stomach has felt like pooh all day. :sad:
  6. LOL I looked for it! But they didn't have it. Most of the ice cream stock was wiped out, I guess because it's Saturday :p I got B&J Coffee Heath Bar Crunch :nuts:

  7. Yip, kids are out & I am having a glass of wine or two LOL
    Cheers Cristina :smile:
  8. *clinks glass* likewise! I'm on my last glass - have to work tomorrow, unfortunately :sad: But I am off Monday!

    LOL, the BF stopped by really quick before heading out with his friends, and asked if I had been dumped because I'm drinking wine and eating ice cream out of the carton :roflmfao:
  9. lol - funny that he would ask you if you had been dumped!!! :p

    Nice to have off on Monday - I will bug you while I am saddled to my desk! :graucho:

    Ok - off to lie down - stupid tummy!!

    oh, the B&J Cinnabuns ice cream is REAAALLLYYY good!!
  10. Yes, bug away, I will be here at home, watching CNN and doing a whole lot of nothing! :nuts:

    Why did you have to tell me about Cinnabuns?! I've been craving cinnamon rolls for breakfast lately :push: I normally don't keep ice cream in the house because it's too easy to indulge!

    Feel better! ;) :heart:

  11. Thanks :crybaby: !!

    Hope it wasn't the Dairy Queen from last night :cursing: !!

    Had to tell you, I ate the Cinnabuns ice cream for breakfast twice this week (well I had it as a supplement to my shredded wheat!!)

    OMG - it really is sooooo good!!!
  12. LOL!!! I wish I could get away with ice cream for breakfast! :p I diligently eat my low fat cottage cheese with cantaloupe and honeydew melon every morning :p Even though yesterday I had Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit and hash brows, followed immediately by a powdered sugar doughnut :push: Then at the boat show yesterday, my dad bought us fried conch fritters and beer. Dinner was yummy Cuban food and lots of sangria. Holy - okay, need to stop talking about food :p

    I am going to bed :push: Good night D, and everyone else :nuts:
  13. Don't know if your still around, I just settled in with a lemondrop martini and tPF :drinkup:
  14. I am drinking Vanilla Silk Soy Milk... am I counted?
  15. :roflmfao: No Megs you are not because vanilla soy milk will not make you do anything silly that Vlad can photograh :roflmfao: :roflmfao: