Saturday night reveal!!!!

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  1. My husband is at a Bachelors Party so what do I do? I shop for a new bag :smile:
  2. Ready!

  3. Here...
  4. Ooh just in time!
  5. Slowly...
  6. This is fun... :smile:
  7. fuschia colorblock duffle!
  8. Any guess?...
  9. Correct IrenetheQueen! :smile:
  10. Such a beautiful bag, one of the best out right now IMO, congrats!
  11. So pretty!
  12. Very nice... Love this color!
  13. Pretty pretty pretty!!!
  14. Gorgeous bag, congrats.
  15. I was a bit disappointed with Coach. The SA brought out the bag for me from their back storage area and the first one looked like the leather was "feathering". It wasn't smooth. So I asked for another one. The 2nd one looked perfect but when I checked the bottom it had scratches all over. So I asked for the 3rd one and I know by this time I looked upset so the SA offered to give the bag some moisturizer. Hopefully I will not find defect on this one. I feel sorry for the customers who will pick up the previous 2 bags I rejected. What if they are in a hurry to leave and walk out with a defective bag?? So ladies when you purchase and they give you your bag in a dust bag, in their pretty shopping bag, make sure you take that bag out of that dust bag and examine carefully. We work hard for our money and we deserve nothing less than perfect handbag. I say this because I love your all!! :smile: