Saturday night reveal anyone.,..

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Anyone around for a reveal :smile:
  2. OH yes please :smile:
  3. Me too
  4. I'm here!
  5. And me!
  6. First pic, it came from lovely Shian at Naughtipigeonsnest


    First time ive ordered from her, it came beautifully wrapped
  7. And with a naughty choccie bar, too! Another bonus of shopping with the wonderful Shian! That, and the fab wrapping and bags!!

  8. I can concur the chocolate is indeed yummy....i stuffed it in immediately! Hehehe
  9. Trying to work out what it is ..
    look on NP every day
    not a clue but will guess roxy
  10. I'm here!
  11. Next pic
    Any guesses....
  12. I'm here too, taps feet impatiently....
  13. I'm pretty stumped ... Alexa, maybe?
  14. Last pic.....
    Introducing Del Rey in Black Forest, it still has the plastic on the hardware and doesnt have a mark on it so dont think its ever been carried
  15. Just come in after eating out cant wait to see

    Wonderful we are bag twins fab choice i love it.
    Congrats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx