Saturday Night Rant And Whine A Thon!

  1. I am personally in quite possibly the
    ICKIEST mood ever..for no apparent reason..ROFL.:wtf:
    Im in the midst of DAY 4 with no sugar or junk food in my diet AT I may be in sugar withdrawal!!LOL!
    Im drinking a STELLA ARTOIS beer(jillybean got me hooked on it in France!!!)...(Its ok to have In MY "DIET"..LOL!)....and I feel like a whine a thon..ANYONE ELSE????????

    Let me start my first WHINE...
    1) Paid 400 dollars to get my hair highlighted/CUT..took 3 1/2 HOURS..EEK..Its TOTALLy UNEVEN..ALL blonde(NO NATURAL BROWN LEFT WHATSOEVER!)in the front only....Its pissing me off majorly.Selena saw it and agreed its UNEVEN its not just me!!LOL!:crybaby: WAHHHHHHH!!!
    I may go back and get it fixed next week..But not today..Im not wasting another day at the salon!
    2) WHY are hubbies /SO's so LAZY sometimes?????????and why is it when you ask them to do something for run an errand..they do the EYEROLL and act as if you dont spend every waking hour doing stuff for them>??HUH?:shrugs:

    Ok Those are my TOP 2 "WHINES "of the day:rolleyes: Thanks for listening.

    What are YOURS?????LOLOLOL!

    Let it all out....ROFL.....
  2. I'm so sorry Jill. If it helps, I'm still PMSing and just went thru an entire bag of potato chips.

    Todays DH whine for me is this: why oh why can't he be bothered to throw an empty box, bag, bottle etc. into the nearest recepticle - which is always only about 3 feet away? Instead, he just leaves the empty carton right where he used it last. Even in the refrigerator.:cursing:
    and of course if I say anything I'm a nag. If I don't say anything and just throw it away myself, I become his mommy.:yucky:
  3. ^ some potato chips for me!!SNIFF!!LOLOLOL!
  4. Well, I gave myself a chemical burn on my face by switching products & my hubby is at the Colts game & I'm at home with 2 kids that WON'T STOP FIGHTING.. Ugh~ I told him if he comes home drunk, I'm killing him! *ps. he's not driving;) *

    PS. & hubby CANNOT pull out a full trashbag out of the can & replace it with a new one. He keeps packing & pushing down the trash until I replace it!
  5. tell the kids unless they stop fighting, mommy will try out her new products on their faces as well.:lol:
  6. Here kiddie, kiddie:devil: .... LOL
  7. ^^HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    Im lucky..No kids friends house..PHEW!At least its quiet here!
  8. Oy, I am PMS'ing big time too and just spent way too much $$ on stuff at the mall...that's another post...I got home and had the biggest salt craving so I ate a ginormous GARLIC DILL PICKLE. And I'm ready to grab a bag of salt and vinegar chips!!

    I know, I don't know how guys can leave empty stuff around (milk cartons, garbage, whatever) until we have freakin' continental drift!! Do they think it magically disappears into the dumpster?? AND..flushing the toilet twice does NOT count as cleaning it, dude.
  9. but do you realize how much energy they exert to do that? almost as much as say, closing a cabinet or a drawer after you have retrieved something from it...:roflmfao:
  10. ^^ LMAO and PMP! So sad and true.
  11. okay so I'm thinking before I have to get ready for work in 30 minutes, I reckon I'll poor myself a bowl of the new Yogurt covered Cheerios in Vanilla. Get me some fiber. Well what a tease this has turned out to be! I thought every Cheerio was yogurt covered! Turns out only one out of every 105 Cheerios gets this honor! What a rip off! I don't taste any vanilla yogurt in here......okay I'm done ranting.
  12. ^^HAHAHAHA!

    PHH also has not discovered how to use the DISHWASHER..he thinks everything dirty in the sink MAGICALLY reappears in there...HHHMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. ^^^ mwahahahahaaaaa, another mystery of household appliances.

    On a related and somewhat random note, my (late) grandpa takes the cake: he didn't do a SINGLE LOAD OF LAUNDRY until he was...90! Yes, he was certainly active mentally and physically...just went straight from his mom and sister doing the work to his wife... never did any until my grandma fell and was laid up for a few weeks. Eesh!
  14. Why are men so lazy indeed! I have been married 8 years and DH has not done any of these things once:

    1. Gone to the grocery store
    2. Taken a car to be serviced
    3. Called a service person (tree cutter, repair people, etc)
    4. Paid a bill
    5. Unloaded the dishwasher
    6. Brought home take out food

    Oh yes, there are more, but he refuses to do any of these things. What gives?
  15. ^He needs a kick in the A*S!!!!!!!ROFLMAO!......OMG..PHH is my takeout pick up man..I rarely cook..heehee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then again..if he didnt pick it up..he wouldnt eat its mutually beneficial..LOL!