Saturday Morning Reveal

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  1. Good morning everyone!

    Well, did a little shopping yesterday ... well, ok, some of the items I asked my SA to put aside for me when they arrived, came in yesterday... but got a little something extra while I was there ;)

    So, we'll start with the thorough inspection of one of the bags by the two cats (the third passed away earlier this week :cry:smile: ...

  2. your kitty loves LV, but show what's inside
  3. Beautiful cats! And they seem as curious as I would be about a new LV bag in the house. :smile:
  4. Those are beautiful cats!!! What type are they?
  5. Managed to get kitties to let me have my big brown bag - they REALLY liked it - lol

    So here we have the two bags together...

    Followed by the boxes that were inside...

    Sooo... any guesses?
  6. I love the cute! :smile:
  7. Inclusion bracelet in the small box?!
  8. Or a Graffiti Bag Charm?!
  9. Thank you :smile: They are Bengals.
    VERY active cats (sometimes called "a dog in a cat's body") ... and as you can see VERY curious. They play fetch, jump 5-6 feet without even trying, and are quite vocal (they talk back sometimes). We absolutely love them, but definitely not cats for the faint of heart.
  10. Nope, but those aren't a bad idea ... hmmm :thinking:

    Ok, I'll open the boxes a bit ...

  11. what gorgeous cats! I can't wait to see what you got!
  12. oooo exciting:popcorn:
  13. you got the book, the pink scarf and a bag charm all Graffiti of course
  14. I love your cat!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. awaiting the LIVE reveal!
    p.s.s. one of the items is a book! : )
  15. let see what you bought!!!:popcorn: