Saturday classes

  1. Has anyone taken any Saturday classes? What did you think of it(them)? Would you recomend it? :confused1:
  2. I took a "just for fun" language class on a Saturday once. I missed 2 of the 10 classes because I had too much fun on a Friday night to get up early on a Saturday. If it were a serious (for credit, work sponsered and you are not reimbursed for failing) class, I don't believe I would skip any classes.
  3. I took a Saturday class from 9-12 one semester to avoid a teacher (at one campus, only one teacher taught the class, so a bunch of us drove to another campus and carpooled). It wasn't too bad. Fridays were just low key for a semester.
  4. No saturdays, but I did take a couple of night classes for fun...creative writing and short was fun.
  5. Purselova-- what a coincidence! I just registered for next semester's classes and I will be taking a Saturday class... 9 am to noon!! :sad:
  6. i had a class last year that was all day saturdays and it was torture! especially as the weather got colder, so hard to get up for on one of my only days off from work
  7. I took French classes at Georgetown University (in D.C.) for two semesters. It's been a few years now, but I think they met from about 9:00 a.m to noon. It was just for my own personal enrichment and not for credit, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

  8. :nuts: Wow, same time here. What class? General Bio here. :yucky:
  9. With my new schedule, I'm going to be right there with you when I go back to school next semester. I'll be taking some type of saturday class for sure.
  10. I have taken Saturday classes before, and they are not that bad. The only thing was knowing I couldn't stayed up late on Friday nights because my class was early in the morning.
  11. LOL Mine is Computer Law Office/Litigation Support.

    Sounds like a blast... ha!
  12. All the fun classes on Saturday, huh? ;)

    We should rename this the Saturday Class Forum. ;) Just teasing. It'll be annoying but I think I can do it.
  13. Im taking a database class this semester on Saturday. Starts from 8:30 am til 1pm. ugh.... however, it's only 7 weeks... so it's not that bad, except that i have to drive 45 mins to get there.
  14. I did when I worked. It wasn't too bad. I had to be up at 7am, but I got home by 12pm. It was during the summer (very short) so that's why it didnt feel so bad.
  15. LOL I will be at Starbucks getting my venti nonfat iced caramel machiatto with an extra shot of expresso!!!!!!!!!!

    I need something to keep me awake!!