Saturday Afternoon at Hermes Sydney

  1. Ahhh - so after a LONG hiatis, I visited my Hermes Boutique today (have spoken to them on the telephone, but haven't been in since pregnant!!).

    My SA wasn't there, neither was my Manager (went to Paris, and then took a holiday in the South of France - hard for some!!) and GUESS request for a vert anis Kelly went to Paris with him, so it will be a Special Order - I thought I was just making a request, and praying to God that it would work....whoo hoo!!! I'm really happy, and apparently it wil arrive soon (they're trying to get lots of stock for the new store opening soon) so sooner rather than later!!

    I bought two scarves - red & white En Desordre and a new design "Decoupage" in the Pale Pink colourway. (will post pics later - the pink is being returned on Monday as I just found a white spot where it should be pink....ugh!!)

    Black Kelly was treated like royalty in there, and it was so nice to get dressed and get out of the house after 6 weeks of being a Mummy at home with a newborn! (Nearly three year old was at Nanna's house for the day, newborn was at DH's office while DH caugt up on business!

    I took note of bags that were there, and updated in the inventory thread, but can only remember half the bags I saw!!! Tried a 30 Birkin - WAAAAYY to small for me, I'm definately a 35, if not a 40 Birkin girl!

    Will post pics later,

  2. At last someone like me who likes the bigger Birkins, 35/40!! If only they weren't so heavy!:crybaby:
  3. ^ ahh - Duna, I have a friend in you!!!

    I don't think I could go with a 30 Birkin, it looked like a "mini" to me....he, he!~

    Talking about heavy - my bag felt like LEAD box meant to be so heavy????????
  4. wow - sounds like a great outing. & congrats on your SO
  5. Well, box isn't supposed to be among the heaviest tha H does, but probably the rigid construction might make it a tad heavier than the souple, although my Kellys (all souple) do get heavy at times aswell...The lightest bags I have are the 37 Bolide in Clemence (yes, Clemence!) and my 32 Plume in box, the Masai of course too, but I was talking about hand held bags....;)
  6. Congrats! I LOVE LOVE LOVE en Desordre in all c/ws! Did you know that the design is based on the Brides de Gala (and then put 'into disorder :smile:)
  7. ^yes - I love Brides de Gala, which is why I bought this scarf (have a few Brides de gala scarves).......colours and leathers I'm still learning, but Hermes scarves - I KNOW WELL - LOL.....a little too well........!!!!
  8. I actually find the scarf collectors to be an extremely knowledgable bunch. I mean, I know some who have gone through the trouble of cataloging all the Hermes scarves, artists, dates of issue, and dates of reissue. 52 pages of information!!!!! Talk about tenacity!!!!:wtf:
  9. :nuts: :yahoo: congrats my dear that your manager ordered your vert anis kelly. you will loooove her no doubt about that
    ah and count me in on the 35 birkins apart from croc the 30 in regular leather looks like a shrunken version of a regular birkin on me too
  10. I always thought the 30 looked small, but I am small as well.

    The endless which size should I buy question???

    I am glad your bag will be arriving...probably faster than you think. Congrats and glad you had a lovely day.
  11. I too really love the 35cm birkin. I don't find it too big at all and I'm petite. :yes:

    Glad you had a great time in the store Kristie. Can't wait to see your new purchases!
  12. Each time I have opened the box to see the 30 birkin I thought "oh dear they must have sent me the wrong size" but no....once opened fully and filled it's perfect for me...

    Congrats on the vert anis! You will love it - sounds like a fun day for a mommy trip out!
  13. Kristie - GOOD for you for getting dressed up and going out with your gorgeous Kelly! It's tough after having a baby and you really needed this day!
    The scarves sound wonderful and I'm so pleased that you're going to get that yummy Vert Anis Togo.
    I love my 35cm Birkin but my SA commented that he'd like to see me carry a 30cm as well - not that he had any sell me...:sad:
    I'd really recommend the 35 over the 40. If you think the Kelly 32 in box is heavy, a 40cm Birkin will feel EXTREMELY heavy. My 35cm Togo Birkin can't be stuffed or it really strains my arm..

  14. vert anis is my new favorite wish color! You are so lucky! I am on the list at my store, but my order hasn't been put in yet. Maybe next time.
  15. Congrats on your SO Vert anis Kelly~
    Nice to hear you had such a vibrant day!!