Satisfying your H cravings....

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  1. Now that I have put my bag orders in, I have a LONG wait. Can't spend too much money in the meantime:sad: , so I have been thinking of 'small' items that may satisfy my regular H cravings. Here is what's on my list, what's on yours???

    A little note probably
    cute photo frame (like Ninja Sues)
    Tea cup and saucer
    Key holder
  2. Just the Bolide that I have talked about on every post.

    Black Togo 31 with Pall HW

    After that the skies the limit - Well not really $$$ first then who knows.
  3. I'm in debt. My CC made a mistake so I cannot buy anything until at least mid-Feb (depends how fast I sell stuff and raise money).

    But I am dreaming of:
    Twilly/pocket scarf rings
    Scarf ring
    Agenda or Notebook

    I'm hoping for a Leather Garden Party Tote by the time I graduate this year since I think it's a MUCH more realistic goal than a Birkin *Hope Hope Hope*
  4. list keeps changing but here it is for the moment....

    Karo clutch PM in something like Vert Anis (had some help deciding on this color...but I'm ready to branch out with things INSIDE my bags.....)
    Eiffle Tower Key chain
    Assortment of scarves that are on my "MUST HAVE THIS SCARF OR I'LL DIE" list,
    Assortment of pochettes that are on my "I COULD LIVE WITHOUT THESE BUT WHY?" list,
    Cadenas that seem to be extremely hard to find (Shooting Star, Lantern, Harp) and then cost a small fortune when you do......

    And that's about it for me. Hunting down the scarves and cadenas is half the fun and keeps me occupied!
  5. The ladybird key chain is a must have for me!
  6. There's one in SF, my's really cute!!!!!
  7. Must Haves for me:

    Keychains: Pig, Ladybug, Bananas, Apple, Panda
    Cadenas: WateringCan, pelican
    Watermelon Coin purse
  8. Thanks Shopmom, I have one reserved at my local H store:yahoo: !
  9. ...Kiwi coin purse.......
  10. On my short list:
    small picture frame
    CDC cuff--in a shade of red
    2007 cadena
    lion cadena in PH
    cashmere scarf in red or grey
    cashmere/silk shawl in TBD pattern for travel
    large Ulysee notebook
    another GPT--either in a smaller size or/and in a neutral color
    one or two more scarves for summer/spring
  11. My list . . . for the moment . . .

    Ladybug key chain
    Cadenas - lantern, harp, snail, hand in gold (I know a big order to even find) & 2007
    A couple more twillys
  12. My list for up until the August/September Bolide Purchase:

    -At least three more Twillys (some purchased by my bf!)
    -Bottle of Rose Ikebana
    -Ulysee GM notebook

    I have to be so good :crybaby:

    That's all I can afford in the mean time :crybaby:I'll have some spare cash after Christmas, so I would then like to get:

    -A wallet...not sure which one yet, though I'm thinking a Dogon
    -One or two scarves
    -Possibly a notebook holder, though now that I've heard they are around $1,000...yeesh! I'm not sure! lol!

    And then the whole process begins again for another bag next year :rolleyes:

    ...of course I need new sunglasses :push: And I need another throw-around Juicy Couture, but I think my Dad will buy that for me :happydance: Oooh I am so glad I don't pay for my own clothes/shoes right now, or I'd be SOL on a LOT of Hermes items :p
  13. my peko, when you get your ladybug keychain, mind if you post a picture of it? Thank you.
  14. Mrs S - In my avatar.....
  15. with the help of Shopmom (my partner in spending) i'll be aquiring small leather goods (I've got a colour theme happening)....more scarves obviously......more porcelain as I find it......and I hope some cashmere/silk 140 x 140cm shawls.