Satisfying you Chanel lemmings

  1. How do you do it O_O As soon as I buy an item I'm out looking for the next purchase and being designer I'm going broke! How do you control yourself??

    I can't seem to :jammin:
  2. I Don't control myself, my DB has to outherwise we would be living out of a cardboard box!
  3. ^lol!
  4. Its very very very difficult. there should be a new speciality in psychiatry called "Chanel Purse Obsession - its causes, effects" :p

    there was an Hermes thread a way back dealing with the idea of taking it slow, wanting what you already have instead of always looking to the next thing. it was one of the most helpful threads on here, for me, and i have "bookmarked" it but somehow, i cannot seem to adhere to it ;)
  5. ^Crack me up!!! I laughed at this one!..I know it's hard...I for one experience a silent pleasure knowing I have a closet full of desirable bags..I don't talk about it, and I don't brag about it, but for some reason when I think about it I gloat..It's like my dirty little secret..and I have to control myself too..It's hard sometimes but when I get the itch to get another bag that I really can't afford I swap purses...and it does the's all about enjoying what you have!:p
  6. Enjoying what you already have I am..but I have a big heart so I have room for more :biggrin:!!
  8. we have the same problem.
  9. I guilt-trip myself a lot to hold myself back.. but sometimes, that doesn't even work! I don't think it helps that we are all constantly checking out each others purchases and realizing how many more beautiful bags there are out there!! I didn't even think I liked the cabas until I kept seeing pictures of it- and then out of nowhere, I fell in love and I HAD to have it!