Satisfied with a single...or lusting after a double??


Jul 8, 2009
hi all!

Strange dilemma here...debated even posting about it because I will probably come off like some weirdo. BUT, that being said I just wanted to put it out there and see what people have to say!

I bought the single flap jumbo a few years ago and since the new double flap version came out I have been kind of lusting after it :shame: It just looks so nice with the burgundy bit!!! :love: Also it seems like it would hold its structure better long term...although I haven't had any structure issues to date. I haven't seen it in person yet as I've had a hectic few months but would like to go check it out.

This brings me to my dilemma - should I consider selling my single flap jumbo and buy the new double flap style?? And single flap owners...did this thought ever cross your mind?

I would be paying way more because of the price increase and I have never sold anything before so that would annoy me to even begin to think of that!! :confused1: I mentioned the idea of selling my single flap and buying a double flap to my husband and he definitely thought I was off my rocker - he was like that doesn't mean every time a new car model comes out that you need to change it! And I KNOW what he it trying to say... but the jumbo was my HG purse and now I feel annoyed that its different...

Maybe I just need some convincing to love my single flap even more!! :P
Nov 9, 2010
OP why did they even change from a single flap to a double, I only own a GST but I'm hoping to get either a jumbo or maxi at Christmas & just wondered what the big difference is between the two, I have read that a lot of ladies prefer the single flap & this worries me
because it makes me think is the double flap that bad.


Jan 28, 2009
NO! DO NOT SELL SINGLE FOR A DOUBLE. The double flap Jumbos are bulkier, heavier not to mention the extra flap is a PITA. Plus if your Jumbo is a few years old there is NO comparison with today's caviar.
Jun 28, 2006
I'm new to Chanel but i would much prefer the single. The double seems a pain to get things in and out of and more cumbersome than the single (though it does seem to be more secure). I like that the single is lighter, roomier, and easier to use. I wish the m/l came in single!


Chanel & Bal!
Sep 13, 2009

WAY more room. The double flap fits WAYYYY less and is much heavier :tdown:

Keep the single flap forever!!

I have about 10 single flap jumbos and 1 double flap jumbo. I will not be buying anymore brand new bags from the stores because of the double flap. I will be searching for single flaps on resale sites.


Jan 14, 2010
I love all my single flaps. How much lighter and slimmer they are than the double flaps. I cringed at the thought of the double flap at first but grew to love it since it keeps the bag's shape better and the heaviness wore off. Ha ha if anything now, the single flap bags I have I wish were now double flap :hbeat: ha ha.
But all in all, I love both single and double flaps.

Good luck in your decision!

Oh and I almost forgot, the chain part is a pain sometimes. With the single flap the chain goes in much easier, but with the double flap you have to fidget with it in order for it to fit properly in my opinion.


Jul 20, 2006
do you even try on the double ? because i never try on double flap jumbo one before and ordered one i am so surprised it is a lot heavier which really bothering me right now and thinking about should i return it.