satisfied at last!!! What bag are YOU lusting after?

  1. Since getting my new bayswater that I've been lusting after since January I now feel that I'm satisfied with my little collection ( Annie, Bayswater and Antony:love:) and there are no other bags I'm lusting after ( Mulberry or otherwise!). It's a lovely feeling!!
    So, now I'm going to sit back and enjoy everyone elses purchases and hope Mulberry don't come out with any bags that I feel I MUST HAVE!!!:drool:

    Anyone else in the same position and if not- what is your number 1 must have bag at the moment?
  2. I find it becomes an obsession once you find one you like....The Choc Ledbury is a xmas wish list but as it's hard to come by at the outlets, I'm talking myself into buying a full price one now as I'm sure they will sell out soon!!! Just trying to justify it as I know I'll be using it as soon as it turns up so it won't be a xmas prezzie at all.
  3. A red Bayswater :girlsigh:
    Would accept the red croc Bayswater, too :graucho:
  4. Yes,that's exactly what I'm like. My new bayswater is supposed to be my xmas pressie!!!
  5. My birthday is in October but the purple patent Mabel just arrived and is likely to sell out just as quickly if I don't pick it up in the next few days. Ah, decisions.
  6. I'm terrible - as soon as I check a bag off my wishlist, another one moves up the list :yes:

    At the moment, and assuming I'd be able to get them from the outlets at some point, I'm deciding between:
    black Annie or black Phoebe
    olive Roxanne

    From the current line, I really like the indigo Smithfield.

    There are also a couple of Marc by Marc Jacobs bags that are on my radar (why don't Mulberry do many bags in blue?!) but that's it.

    I will hopefully be able to buy one of the above before Christmas :yahoo: but until then, I'm enjoying the bags I have. Hubby is OK with it since I read him a bit of an article that I'd found in a magazine about how working mums need to have a few little moments of complete selfishness in order that they can be selfless the rest of the time. He seemed to buy that! :wlae:
  7. I'd really want a Phoebe, and possibly a second Blenheim. (So hope they bring them back!!) Possibly a Bayswater or a Roxanne, but I think they both lack in strap-length. :smile:
  8. I want a copy of that article for my hubbie to read!!!!
  9. Me too! I have just literally bought a new Orla Kiely bag, which I have been lusting after for ages, and already Ive moved on to wanting something else :lol:

    Mulberrywise, I thought my next purchase would be a blenheim, but then I moved on to an alana, and now Im considering a phoebe (again) after seeing a lovely one on someones arm during my trip to London yesterday! I cant decide, all I know is that I want it to be a shoulder bag.. Im not even sure what colour I want; chocolate, maybe apple or olive or lavendar.. its a good job Im not purchasing this bag anytime soon because Im hopeless at decision making :tdown::lol:

    Actually I think what I would really like is an apple blenheim, but I dont think I would be able to find one. Im still undecided as to whether I like the blenheim in chocolate or not - anyone got one/any pics?!
  10. I would love a choc & oak Bayswater & a black day I'll take the trip to the Bicester shop :nuts:
  11. Ladies...I'm sitting here sweating in the tropics...listening to all your purchases... and just twitching with envy! I'm going to NYC in November, and I plan to buy a Mulberry, unfortunately, at full price, since I have no other option. I will try the bags on IRL and make my decision. I like the Somerset satchel for a handsfree travel bag. I think the Bayswater is the classiest bag in the world, but a bit big for my needs. The Roxanne is my idea of slouchy chic -- but fear it will be too heavy... Y'all have said the Mabel is problemmatical with straps that slip off shoulder. So I will just have to see and feel for myself. I only have a black Rosemary that I bought on sale that I adore. It's time for a serious Mulberry! I'm pretty complete in my collection of handbags, and don't feel the lust anymore. Maybe it's my age, maybe it's my sense of downscaling and enjoying what I have. Anyway, still have the Mulberry lust. Love seeing all your piccies!
  12. I'm enjoying that (oh so rare) feeling of being satisfied with my bags since buying the black Alana.
    There are always bags that I would like to own whenever I go to Mulberry so I've decided no more trips until next year. My thoughts need to turn to Christmas.
    My collection is pretty good now. I've got a bag for each colour I wear. Summer bags have been packed away and now I'm enjoying using my winter bags (my absolute favourite season!).
    My winter staples are going to be black Alana; tangerine Araline; chocolate Soho & LV mono speedy 30.
    That's not to say there aren't bags I'm coveting. Despite the limitations of it not going over my shoulder I wouldn't say no to a caramel or red Mabel and I really like the look of the new Somerset hobo. I'd also be pretty happy with a chalk/oak Alana. I'm still lusting after a Phoebe or an Annie even though deep down I know they're too heavy for me. I can definitely hear the siren call of a chocolate or oak Phoebe but I'm really not listening!!
  13. A black Roxanne is on my wish list, also love the purple Mabel.
  14. Im pretty OK atm. Although I wouldn't say No ty to a Bayswater in chocolate..
  15. I'm currently obsessing over Brooke in bronze - love the style and the edgy look with the chunky chain strap!