Satinelle Ice Premium... your experience?

  1. Hi!! I received yesterday the Satinelle Ice Premium to test for a couple of months for free:wlae: with the possibility of keeping it (paying less than retail price).
    I tried it today to maintain my brazilian and work ok :yes: it was fast and I was very pleased, but I noticed that the hair on my legs were - apparently- too short for the system to "pick" them... Does anybody have any experience with this machine? If so, do you think it is really a better system than the other brands?
  2. Ive never heard of this. Is it like an epilady? I think you need your hair to be like a quarter inch long ?
  3. Yeap, it's like an epilady... but with the epilady I managed to get even very short hair and with this I couldn't :shrugs: Perhaps it's because it has to be used in a 90 degrees position for the "cooler" (or whatever it's called) to touch the skin...