Satin Spy? What are your thoughts?

  1. I'm sure this has been discussed before...but do you folks think of the satin Spy bag?

    I am currently jonesing for a spy bag like NO ONEs business...and I'm thinking a satin spy *might* be the way to get my fendi fix.

    However, I don't want to waste my money, per se...and could just shell out the bucks for a nice leather.

    What do you think?

  2. It's pretty, but I would definitely go with the leather.
  3. I like it but theres nothing like leather and for the money I would go for the leather.
  4. I think it's pretty, and I have considered it, but I'm afraid the material might snag too easily on stuff.
  5. Thanks guys!

    That the fabric wouldn't be super sturdy was my concern as well. I'm a bit hard on bags...I think leather is they way to go!
  6. I went to buy a chocolate one for my mom who is a huge Spy fan and the SA said that it's pretty delicate and stains easily so unless it is going to be a special occasion bag then go with leather
  7. Definitely leather. But titania is right, it would snag too easily. Also imagine if you got water or something on it. It'd be absorbed straight in and from experience, I've had black satins clothes transfer colour to a shopping bag 9thank goodness!!!) Not that all satin bags are like that but definitely go the leather.
  8. I wondered that too, don't know what a satin would look like but for the money I personally decided leather was better and safer. If they looked a little different then maybe I'd get one..
  9. Definitely leather. Fendi leather is gorgeous!