SATIN SATCHEL.. still available?

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  1. Is the small satin satchel still available at the outlets? When they first came out I dismissed them because I didn't like handheld, but now I find myself carrying my stuff on my arm without knowing it. Is this still available at any of the outlets? :crybaby: I hate it when I had it on my arm trying it out, on a massive sale, and then put it back..went again...tried it on...PUT IT I want to put it back on and not put it down!!
  2. I think it's still available to order through coach stores! I'm not sure about outlets, I haven't been in foreverrr
  3. Really sprinkles?! I hope we are talking about the same one, the one I was talking about looks like: [​IMG]

    Is this what you are talking about? If not which were you referring to?
  4. Same one! When I go back to work next week, i'll check on it! Let me know what color!
  5. ^^That's great news!! What color's are there? I was thinking black, I know a gold was made. Anyone seen this in outlets on discount?
  6. Those left our outlet in Leesburg at least a month or two ago. I bought mine in July. :smile:
  7. ^^ Ditto. The last I've seen them was at the Leesburg outlet. White, gold and black.
  8. Aww so its already gone then? How much are they retail vs. outlet?
  9. I saw them at the Sawgrass Mills outlet last week, but I didn't see how much they were.
  10. ^^REALLY!? I'll call them tomorrow! Thanks!! Do they do transfers?
  11. Oh damn the woman I spoke to said they don't do transfers.
  12. Oh I'm an idiot its nylon isn't it, not satin?
  13. And waterloo doesn't have it either. Oyy.. oh well I had it the chance to more then once. How much is retail? I know members here got it on sale for 100 something but off what? I don't know if I want to pay too much more then I could have gotten it for.
  14. myrtle beach, s.c. outlet has that bag in gold with purple trim
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