Satin lining in gallery tote?

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  1. :confused1: So Im getting the chocolate brown gallery tote (not the studded one) for Christmas, and Im wondering, how do you guys keep these nice satin linings clean and nice? The one inside the tote is a light lavender and I want to keep it nice and clean!
  2. I keep all my pens in a separate bag, either in a zipped pen/pencil bag or tucked into a purseket pocket. Somehow a ballpoint pen leaked a little on me (and it wasn't pressing against anything, the tip was recessed into the pen!), so after that I never trusted any pens.

    Also, I don't carry much makeup besides lipstick/chapstick but if you carry powder or shadow make sure it's also in a separate bag. I just looked at the bottom of my regular makeup bag and it's horrifying. :yucky:

    I also shake my bag out upside-down whenever I'm changing bags or at least periodically.

    Hope these tips help! :smile: I love my violet lining and hope to keep it pristine as well!
  3. I have the black sig gallery tote with the oh so pretty blue lining :heart: so here is what I do.

    ~ IF i carry a pen, I make sure that it is tucked inside a wrislet.
    ~ I keep all makeup items inside my Coach make-up case.
    ~ I don't EVER put food or candy inside my purse unless it is inside a sealed plastic bag.

  4. I have the chocolate with the beautiful lavendar lining and I LOVE it! Ok..I never, ever have a pen near any bag, I just keep a mechanical pencil in my makeup bag. I keep lipstick in a lipstick case. Honestly I have not had any problem with the lining, just be careful your hands are clean and you'll be fine!
  5. I must be incredibly lucky because I have never in my life had anything leak, spill, ooze, or squish inside a purse. We are talking many years and countless purses. I do like Tokibebe does, I just shake it upside down to get out any crumbs or bits before I put it away.

    I do keep all cosmetics in a cosmetic bag, but I always have a retractable pen floating around loose. You guys are freaking me out about the wayward pen, I must catch and contain it before it can do any damage:wondering!!
  6. Pens and bags do not get along! People get mad at me because I am the queen of "May I borrow a pen?", but my linings are flawless. No pens, girl.