Satin Lanvin Flats..should I or should I not??

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  1. I'm debating buying these patent/satin Lanvin flats. I'm worried that I'll trip and rip the satin. (I tend to scuff up the front of my shoes at lot.)

    Anyone else have satin Lanvins? Are they worth it? Do they hold up?


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  2. I don't have these ones but a friend does and hers are from last year and they still look great
  3. Omg I love these flats! :love: anybody knows where I can get them??
  4. mytheresa is selling them. And the sizes 37, 37.5, and 38 are on sale for about 200 dollars at matches.

    I'm still debating if it's worth $200, even though I might not get as much use out of them as my dark brown, black, and grey lanvins.
  5. I didn't get these. I ended up getting the black Chanel Cambon flats. Thanks everyone for your comments!!
  6. Good choice. I think Lanvin flats are great, but not in satin. They would get ruined.