SATIN bbag?? no way!

  1. I was perusing ebay listings and saw this:

    I hope no poor soul is fooled into buying this bag. Balenciaga never made any of these bags in satin, did they?

    Even if they did.....something else is very fishy with this auction, almost to the point of being comical. Click on the picture w/ the tag and controllato card. There is a major red flag to anyone capable of reading english.....

    Anyone else see what I see? :lol:
  2. Yea I inquired about this one awhile back. Some people on here said that there was satin Bbags but I think we decided this one was fake. I love the tag too! Kind of spells it out. LOL
  3. I know, right? Either the seller never bothered to look that carefully, or they are hoping bidders won't bother to read!!
  4. it's real, that seller is good.
    this bag has been up for a LONG time because
    a) people think it's fake
    b) how dirty would this get??? Um, yeah.
  5. Yea I actually like the bag but I know for sure I would snag the material or something.
  6. What is up with the strange controllato card? It has dashes where there are usually lines of text, and it says "FAKEG" at the top of it. Was that just a really bad choice of style numbers by someone at Balenciaga?
  7. it would pick up everything. I wonder how well a fabric spray guard would work.
  8. ^ Yes, just a bad choice, but perfectly legit. You think a faker is going to write that on the card?? ;) I think the satin bags would be nice as evening bags - it comes in black as well. The info card has dashes when there are no details in those columns. The cards for the leather bags all have dashes like that on the second line for the textile portion.
  9. ^^^Thank you LP! Helpful as always :smile:
  10. I wonder if someone in production got scolded for that one, or if they think it is funny - an inside joke or something. I think the color is gorgeous, but would have preferred if they used silver hardware with it. I think fabric guard might help with stains, but probably not with snagging and that would worry me.
  11. yea, they made these bags and in this color. it's real, just hideous!
  12. I saw one on ebay in green too once. Not sure if it's authentic though
  13. That bag is beautiful! :heart:
  14. Balenciaga does come in satin, it's a limited edition and pretty rare. And the FAKEG on the card is real.

    In fact, I don't think counterfeiters manufacture satin balenciagas, they probably don't even know these exist.
  15. No I think there have been a couple of fake satin bags on eBay.