satin b-bags!

  1. suddenly I am interested in finding a satin first from last season... do any of you have a satin b-bag? can you please post pics? do any other sizes come in satin?
  2. I have recently seen a mossy green satin bbag in the City size on Ebay, but it did not sell.
    About a month ago I saw a dusty rose looking First in satin on Ebay.

    They look super nice with the shiny hardware and all.....but I would be concerned about durability & stains.

    What does everyone think?
  3. I also wonder which are more durable: pony or satin?
  4. Pony B-Bag will go bald eventually. I'm not sure about the satin though but it sure sounds really nice.
  5. The shiny gold hardware is gorgeous....but I have a feeling it might be a "look but don't touch" bag!
  6. I'd get satin over pony... but satin is more of an evening fabric...
  7. ^ I agree, mlert.
  8. a satin first would be a gorgeous evening bag... so noone has any?
  9. I think I can find you a blue satin first (it's kind of like cornflower blue)...
  10. I don't know if that's real- someone here will know though.
  11. I believe the lilac is real, but I wouldn't pay that much- especially since another seller had one up for wayyy cheaper (I think in the $800 range)
  12. satin is really cute and pretty but for that amount of money much rather get leather since it would be more durable. and easier to take care of.
  13. looks lovely and oh so touchable...but therein lies the problem..

    could you imagine how crushed you would be if you spilled Creme Brulee onit....or someoen went to admire it and touch it with gooey fingers...or god forbid you dropped Spaghetti Marinara sauce on it!!!:shocked:

    I would just want to die!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Perhaps a leather and satin combination might a satin trim on the collar of the bag or the pocket in satin with satin tassels?? that way you get a touch of evening glamour in an easier to look after model...?