Satellite to be shot down...

  1. What scares me are these words:

    "attempt to destroy"


  2. I watched this on GMA this morning... scary but interesting to me!
  3. sounds exciting. I want to see it done!
  4. Can I keep it later?
  5. Not the toxic parts, just like a piece of the shiny stuff for decor purposes.
  6. LOL, I think Speedy was saying before, we should all go salvage pieces of the wreckageand sell it on eBay.
  7. Oh look honey, a shooting star .... /flaming piece of shot-off satellite heading for our house ... make a wish?

  8. I heard that they are scared that people are going to do that (sell the pieces on eBay) and thats why they are trying to scare everyone, so they can stay away:lol:
  9. Yup, they saw what I wrote and said to each other, well, DANG! Now that that Speedy chick has a power chair, I bet she zips to the landing site, picks up all the remains she can, and next thing you know, it's on eBay in Speedy's auction!! STOP THIS MAD WOMAN!

    And I was gonna make enough to get the car dolley for my chair... snifff... guess I'll have to go back to promoting my brothel instead....:graucho:
  10. "Known by its military designation US 193, the satellite was launched in December 2006. It lost power and its central computer failed almost immediately afterward, leaving it uncontrollable. It carried a sophisticated and secret imaging sensor."

    There is the reason they want to shoot it down. It has nothing to do with protecting people from 1,000 lbs of fuel that would burn up on the way down anyway. They don't want the "sophisticated and secret imaging sensor" which might make it through the atmosphere to fall into the hands of other governments.
  11. Oooh this would be so much fun to be the person that gets to shoot it !
  12. Well of COURSE Glamfoxx. Didn't you know, the government keeping their "sophisticated and secret imaging sensor" a secret is MUCH more important than human lives!! :p
  13. The fuel is highly flamable and will burn up in the atmosphere. It would not make it down to cause a health hazard. They don't care about large pieces of metal either- when Skylab, which was much larger than this satellite fell back to earth debris scatterd over a vast area of Australlia and the Indian Ocean. Scientific calculations about the probability of any specific individual being hit by Skylab debris were in the ballpark of 1 in 200 billion. They would not spend billions shooting missile at a satellite with an even less likely chance that a piece would actually hit somebody.
  14. i find all of this incredibly unsettling!

    do they have any idea where it might land?