Sateen Carly - Outlet Yet?

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  1. I am looking for Sateen Carly style #13008 light gold color. It got deleted last week. Does anyone know how long it takes to go to outlet after delete? TIA
    Also I remember seeing a thread couple weeks ago about the recent delete list. I am not finding it. What happened to it?
  2. I'm looking for this bag too & would love to know if any outlets get it! Its the mirror one right? I have a pic on my laptop & i can post it later!
  3. i also want that one! im hoping it will show up in the outlets soon
  4. I saw one at the Leesburg VA outlet when I was up there on Monday, but just one....
    It was the light colored sateen signature w/ bright gold metallic/mirror trim.

    Sorry, I didn't look at the price, but they were on the same table as the large all-leather Carlys, so I'm guessing it's the same price as the large leather (which I believe is $269 or $279)?
  5. Thank you Kelly. That gives me hope. I should be calling my outlet then.
  6. They have these on sale at Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, just a heads up.

    They were around $260, and then if you're at Lord & Taylor they have 15% off coupons for an extra discount!
  7. ^ Thanks but i'm in Canada :sad:
  8. Thanks to Kelly and others, I called Leesbury, VA and Vacaville, CA outlets. They both have it for the price around $230+tax. However my outlet (Gilroy CA) does not have it at the moment. When I asked about the charge send, they checked more closely and told me that they will receive quite a bit in the future. So HOTasFCUK and Iguidry88, you will see this carly hitting outlets soon.

    Margaritaxmix, thanks for your help also.
  9. I've seen it at Lord n Taylors and Macy's
  10. Thanks hun! Keep us posted! The closest outlet to me from Toronto is Buffalo but we are FINALLY getting a Coach outlet in Niagara Falls! Almost the same drive as Buffalo but at least i don't have to be bothered by customs!
  11. I saw a black one at the outlet in Allen,TX.
  12. YES!!! my bf just got hers yesterday in Destin fl for 160.00 they had lots of them some with gold straps and some with brown also some with a bronze/silver color....very pretty she loves her!
  13. I saw the Khaki (which was the light golden looking one) in lg at Allen on Saturday. The SA was asking another one what color it was. Sorry- didn't see the price.
  14. I saw a few in the khaki at Carlsbad this weekend. HTH!
  15. I was at premium outlet on saturday and saw the sateen carly's.