sateen bags..

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  1. I have been admiring the new sophia made of sateen material..
    i don't own any ..but for those that do does it fair in wet weather ...

    after a rainstorm .. will it leave spots/marks on it ..?

  2. The new Sophia that your thinking of is a Jacquard and it's extremely durable and easy to clean. It might have a couple of spots after it rains but it will dry. Most water will just roll off the side.
  3. ok ... thanks.......... everytime i think of getting a handbag made of sateen.. i wonder how it will do in wet weather !
  4. I also wonder the same thing...I really like a sateen purse.
  5. I have two claires and a julianne in sateen and after using them quite a bit, they still look brand spanking new.

    I'm not a siggy girl, but I do think some styles lend themselves better to the sateen than leather, actually.
  6. Yes, I have been curious about it too. Thanks for your input ladies.
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    I just purchased one of the new dotted op art sophia's in black..The fabric is really durable!I live in NH. so we get all 4 seasons and the rain or snow just beads off of the sateen fabric or the jacquard.All Coach bags including siggy, are pre-treated to be water and stain resistant.Also the siggy cleaner works Great if you ever need it:smile: Leather is more likely to have water spots.You cannot see that on siggy, unless it is a light fabric.
  8. I have a Poppy Hobo in sateen. I went to the drive-thru at McD's and the girl over filled my Coke. When I put the straw in, Coke went all over the place. It just beaded up on my bag and I wiped it off. Thank goodness I was on my way home because my outfit was a mess.
  9. I've had my Sabrina OP Art for a while, and it still looks perfect!
  10. I'm a siggy sateen gal and have a few of those :biggrin: I was surprised seeing the water beaded up when I ran from point A to point B under the rain. If it's just water or rain, I don't think they will ever leave any kinda mark or stain. However, I'm not too sure about flavored or colored drinks. But again, I try to be most careful with my bags :biggrin: Your only worry will probably be snagging in the future, which I'm praying hard for it to not happen to my siggy sateen bags because that would make me sad.
  11. MOST of the new Sophias are jacquard, but I think OP is talking about the clover print one -- which IS sateen.

    The sateen is not a great every day bag -- as in, if you want to choose one bag to carry daily for five years, sateen is NOT your bag. However, it is more durable than it might seem. It is truly a heavy-duty satin, and if you take care of it if will stay in good shape. The downside is that it is a pain to clean if you do get it dirty.

    As far as rain and water marks, it is treated to be water and stain resistant. I'm not sure how it would fare if you take it swimming with you, but it can handle a little rain. :P