1. does anyone have the Mia or the Chelsea satchel? If so, do you like it? what does everyone else think about it? would it be a shoulder bag?
  2. I was looking at the chelsea in the store. Looks nice, but I don't think I would buy it. Also, the dark leather ones - the straps are light colored on the underside - kinda throws the look off. They're nice, but I'm partial to the new legacy or the totes.
  3. I have the Chelsea satchel in a sort of whiskey-colored nubuck leather---don't think they're available anymore--and I LOVE it. I think the straps are long enough to wear it as a shoulder bag, just depends how close up to your armpit you like to carry your bags.
  4. They had the Mia ones (studded, leather lace in chestnut leather) at the outlet today. Beautiful bag, but I know my arms are too chubby to use it as a shoulder bag. Actually I don't think any of my satchels or carryalls work well for me that way. I don't like my bags all up in my pits. heh Otherwise it's great. I almost bought it over the hobo today.