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  1. Does anyone know which, if any, satchels are in the outlets right now?? I am going this weekend.... cant wait. I am looking for a nice satchel. Nothing specific. Thanks!
  2. Lahsaka had a few of the Mias left.

    Nothing specific? Signature or Leather? Transfer in from Store or a satchel made for the Outlet?
  3. Well, I prefer a signature and I guess I would rather have a store transfer than one made for the outlet but if its nice then thats not a big issue.
  4. there were a handful of sig mia satchels when i went. and some other kind (can't remember the name...)
  5. Our outlet in grove city did not have the signature satchels but they had the leather with stripe that is shaped like a bowling bag that was just in the stores in doe color and they also had the carryalls in camel and red they call it but more of hot pink. They did have one doe carry all with the leather stripe. Just some Mia's that are signature and that is it as far as satchels from the botique.
  6. Like Janfill said. They had a Signature Satchel with leather trim (or snake?) with a scarf print in the middle of the leather stripes on the front & back...
  7. Oh, I cant wait until Saturday! For some reason I have been wanting a satchel really bad. Like all of a sudden. I think its because that is pretty much the only style of bag I dont have. Come ooooon Saturday!
  8. Good luck!! I hope you find what you are looking for. Let us know.