Satchels, Love em or Leave em?

  1. I was looking at a Chelsea Satchel with the turnlock top. Are these comfortable/functional? When you open it does it flop all over or is it a pretty structured bag? Does anyone have a few pics with it open/stuff in it/modeling pics? Anything would be appreciated!! Thanks!

    Also....Do they come in more than one size?
  2. Well I bought the Chelsea Satchel and it is a great bag. IMO The turnlock is a great thing and is by far better than zippers.. but I am not a satchel type gal so I traded it in for the large hobo... I think the chelsea's are awesome!!! The chelsea satchel is a great choice IF you like satchel bags.. I could fit it over my arm but it wasn't totally comfy and didnt' look great, as with most satchels. Just my .02 :tup:
  3. I agree with fieldinspring. I bought the blk leather chelsea satchel. I do love it but it didn't look that great over the shoulder and when you opened it I felt like everything spilled out. I ended up buying the coach chelsea large hobo yesterday in toffee. This bag is so great! I really like it much better than the satchel! I am also planning to get it in the white/blk signature!
  4. Thanks! What is the size comparison of the Large Hobo to the Satchel, and the Satchel to the Large Sig Stripe Tote?

  5. I am not sure but if you look on it will have the measurements of all those bags to compare! :tup:
  6. I am a huge satchel fan - pretty much all i buy these days.... hmm, perhaps this is why my arm hurts... :snort:
  7. It depends on your needs/likes....but I LOVE to carry my bags on my shoulder. I need to be hands-free with 2 young ones in tow! If you don't mind carrying them on your arm and its not too heavy, I like the LOOK of the satchels better.
  8. I bought both the denim and the choclat brass satchels and love them both. Usually I am an ERGO fan, but both of these are very lughtweight and great look at...
  9. Humm, I didn't know these don't fit on the shoulder, the try it on thingamabob, on the coach website, shows that it would. I woud definately want it to fit over the shoulder comfortably.

  10. they DO fit over your shoulder.. I bought one and it did, it just didn't look that great.. I think I deleted the pics, but I will check. Obviously a satchel is made for in the crook of your arm or in your hand, but it's nice to get on that can fit on your shoudler when you want it to, which is another reason I bought it. If you can handle a satchel type bag I think the Chelsea satchel is soooo cute!!!:tup:
  11. I love satchels.. I just don't own any!
    I've been craving one for a while now, but it was either that or my carly. (carly wins in any decision!)
  12. i've got the chelsea optic satchel and have a love hate relationship with the bag...when i saw it, i had to have it but it was my first satchel...and now that i've had it for a few months, it can get kinda annoying carrying it in the crook of my arm all the time...i like being hands free, i feel like it's very inconvenient...and i guess u could put it on ur shoulder if you had really skinny arms, but mine doesn't go for me, i would never get another satchel again...the only thing is that these satchels are just so darn eye-catching that making a decision becomes so difficult! good luck n let us know what u decide!
  13. With satchels do you think a womans age comes into play with either a satchel or shoulder ? I'm 48 and I am a shoulder bag gal, although I would love to have a Hamptons satchel. But do you think as a woman get solder she shoud wear a satchel rather the a shoulder ? Most really older women you see do wear satchels. How often do you see a 65-70 year old woman carrying a shoulder bag ? Any opinions ?
  14. I love satchels. I think the chelsea satchel is so cute. I bought the vintage one and ended up returning it. I found it difficult to close the turnlock without putting the bag down and using both hands. The straps were sort of annoying and were not ment to put over the shoulder.
  15. I don't think age would determine a satchel or a shoulder. Actually I've noticed older women with both. I think it's a comfort preference. I like both, but for me I think it's easier to find things in an East/West bag rather than a longer hobo bag.

    I was planning on getting out to the mall yesterday to see if Macy's had any Chelsea Satchels to try out but never got a chance to get there. Hopefully I can today! In the meantime if anyone has any Modeling pics with the Chelsea Satchel or a similar satchel please post! I'm trying to get an idea of the size. Thank you!

    Thanks to everyone who has replied :heart: