Satchel v Hobo...what would you decide?

  1. What's everyones opinion on the satchel v hobo?? I'v always thought that the hobo style is funkier than the satchel but would be keen to hear from people who have either, or both?? :biggrin:
  2. I think my preference is satchels, as I seem to have a few but no hobos - I've never really thought that I pick satchels over hobos before :smile:

    I think it's more of a case that I haven't found the hobo for me though, so it's only a matter of time :p
  3. Ooh difficult question. I am not usually a satchel person but I love my Daria satchel a teensy bit more than the medium hobo. However I always wear the satchel as a shoulder bag with the handles doubled. I love the suede on the flap of the satchel. It gives it the edge over the hobo.
  4. Thanks Cookiecupcake and CP....I've always been a hobo sort of gal as I've always thought the satchels are a bit old fashioned. CP good idea about the strap, that may swing it. The hobos are sometimes too wide at the bottom I'd prefer it if they were flatter if you know what I mean....:smile:
  5. I think you would love Daria satchels!:smile:
  6. I was just looking at the Daria satchel online and the mod shot on the petrol one wears it like a hobo - I think I prefer that look more than the medium hobo :smile:
  7. I'm a big hobo fan myself, but I did see a girl at my local Tesco the other day with a gorgeous Mulberry satchel. I think I'm the same as you and haven't found the right satchel for me yet!
  8. They do love great hmmmmm !
  9. I think the hobo sometimes is too wide at the bottom, it needs to be flatter...
  10. Yes maybe that's what it is. Hobo's are so lovely and slouchy and you can just chuck everything in and away you go....:smile:
  11. I'm definitely a big fan of the sling and go - buying a white bag was probably not the smartest move I've ever made hehe :smile:
  12. :smile:I just decided to use my satchel instead of hoBo tomorrow! Hehe. Hope I don't bump into the woman on the train with the same bag!;)
  13. I've got a satchel and a hobo and I love them both! Not much help really am I?!
  14. I guess it depends what you carry most of the time. I prefer satchels over hobos. Hobos are usually too large for me. I know there are smaller hobos around but I just find that I lose all the important things in hobos and becuase its so big, I just cant get organised. I usually don't carry much, wallet, phone, keys, some small essentials (lip balm, small tube of lotion, hygiene stuff, mp3 player).
    Satchels can be swung over the shoulder or crossbody leaving the hands free. Satchels these days are so contemporary that its no longer old fashioned. In fact english styling in satchels/postmans look is coming back and I think its here to stay...hopefully :smile:
    Mulberry makes the the best satchels type bags in my opinion...but of course I am biased :smile: