Satchel or Carryall


Which do you prefer?

  1. Satchel

  2. Carryall

  3. Like both equally

  4. Neither

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  1. Which do you prefer and why? I am drawn to the satchels for some reason but have never had a carryall. I dont like the zipper on them. I am trying to decide what my next purchase will be.
  2. pix?
  3. Yes, I'd love to see what styles you're contemplating before I weigh in since in some styles I like the carryalls, but for others the satchel works better IMO.
  4. I think that both are really cute, but I like the carryalls because for some reason I don't really like the zipper on the satchel--although opening and closing the zipper on a carryall can be a PITA. I used to have a black signature carryall a few years ago, but I hardly ever zipped it up. It had shorter straps so I couldn't carry it on my shoulder and it was always in my hand or on my arm in front of me so I was never really worried about someone being able to just stick their hand in and grab something.
  5. I dont really have specific styles in mind. I was just wondering in general. I think they both have pros and cons, the zipper being the main thing.
  6. I think the carryall is a more classy structed bag and you do not have to keep it zippered or at least I do not. I also have the legacy satchel and when I leave it unzippered and the thingie hook over the other side because that can be a pain it gaps wide open unless you put the latch over, however I love the look of the legacy satchel better but for overall use the carryall to me is the more functional bag.
  7. I prefer the satchel I think. I like it slightly better than the carryall.
  8. im confused is a carryall just the big versions of the satchels cause this is called the med. satchel

    and this is the carryall


    IM confused!
  9. so one zips all the way around to the sides and one zips just across the top!?!?
  10. The Satchel has two zippers that meet in the middle and they zip all the way down the side and that is the carryall and it just zips on top and not all the way. You got it right!
  11. I really think it just depends on the bag. I think both are actually sort of tough to zip. I like my carryall because I don't necessarily zip it all the time. The satchel though the zipper seems tough to pull and when i'm in a hurry it can be frustrating.