Satchel from Resort 07

  1. There is a bag on the MJ website that is just called "Satchel". It comes in an off white color or black. It has twists that attach the handle to the main body of the bag, and one side zipper compartment.

    Has anyone seen one online or in real life? I know I can call my local MJ store. Just wondering if anyone has seen this bag for sale anywhere else.
  2. No, I have not seen this on sale in Bloomingdales...I am usually too distracted with the Prada and Chanel displays at NM that I haven't noticed...sorry!
  3. Thanks Mayajuliana,

    It's actually brand new-Resort 07...won't be on sale. Just wondering if anyone had seen one IRL. Not a fan of my local boutique...trying to see if anyone else has it.
  4. I'm curious about this bag as well. Hopefully it'll be available in the shops when I visit America in December. :smile:
  5. MJ LA store said they weren't getting their Resort bags until December.
  6. Thx dls80ucla-

    That definately helps... I'll call my local boutique too.
  7. My Nordstrom just got this bag in last Friday. I really like how it can fit over the shoulder but wish it was lined in suede. You might want try your local Nordies to see if they have them yet. Good luck!
  8. Oh wow! What colour did they have it in Melly? Also, how big is it?
  9. The one I saw was the off white color. If I remember correctly it was a bit larger than a Blake but similar in style to the Elise. I wish I could be more descriptive but I only saw the bag for a minute because I had to run to catch a flight.
  10. Melly-thank you!

    I want it in black, but it will help to see it-THX!
  11. Update-

    Saks online is now showing it in Pistachio, which looks ivory online.

    Also saw it in Black at NM. It's gorgeous of course. It is definitely a handbag, although it was comfy on my shoulder wearing a thin shirt.
    As Melly said, it is lined in fabric not suede....kind of disappointing. Still a gorgeous bag though, and a great option for those who are not into the large push locks.

    I then tried on a Black die for....suede lined....just a yummy bag, and still dressy enough, just in a different way.
  12. Thanks for the review! It looks pretty nice, too bad it doesn't have suede.
  13. No Problem!

    It's a gorgeous bag, and I love that it's different....the twists are beautiful, and the bag is nicely balanced. However, I will probably end up with the black Christy.