Satchel: Denim vs Brown

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  1. I know that I want the Satchel but I can't decide which one. I went into the boutique to try them on and they both have their pros and cons. The brown one is a little plain compared to the denim but it will fit on my shoulder. I love the color combination of the denim one but for some reason it would not fit on my shoulders.:confused1: I check the dimensions and they are the same including the drop.

    I think that if I get the denim I will want to get the matching accordian zip wallet but if I get the brown one I already have a checkbook wallet to match, beauty case and mini skinny. I do realize that these same items will match the denim so maybe I am just being silly.

    Is anyone else a little confused as to what to get?

    Hopefully I will have made up my mind by the time PCE starts.
  2. you know what, I hate alot of the denim because I don't know why, but I do LOVE the denim satchel I think the stripe is what does it for me :smile:
    If I was you, I would get the Denim if you want to spice up what you already have. But beware you might get tired of it. If you want someone you want to keep for a long time get the brown.

    Good luck hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I know what you mean. I think that it was the stripe for me too. I do have the denim patchwork tote from last year and I don't really carry it a lot. Mainly because of the dog leash closure.
  4. If the shoulder thing is going to bug you, go for the brown one. If not, go for the denim!! And what's wrong with getting the denim wallet to match? :graucho:
  5. There is nothing wrong with getting the denim wallet to match. I really want and love it but I just don't really want to spend the money. I have my vacation coming up and I could use that $200+ there. The other thing about the denim wallet is that it will not go with any other bag that I have.
  6. That is so weird that one doesn't fit on your shoulder!!?? I like both, so it's hard to say. I have a brown shoulder tote that is similar and I use it ALOT. I've never owned a denim bag, so I don't know how much I would use it. I want one though!
    Sounds like you're kind of talking yourself into the brown one anyway - cheaper (don't have to buy wallet to match) and fits your shoulder.
    Good luck making a decision!
  7. It was very weird that one fit on my shoulder and not the other. Maybe it was just that paricular bag. I really like the denim better and if I did not have this thing about having matching accessories this would not be so difficult. I was under the impression that the bag should not fit on my shoulder anyway so I am not expecting to carry it that way.
  8. I am getting the brown as it it my favorite color. I don't really care much for having matching accessories. I will most likely use my Legacy Whiskey French wallet with the satchel. I don't think that the wallet needs to be brown. If I did want a brown wallet I would go with the
    Soho Brown Wallet. My mom has it in black.
  9. I just looked at soho brown wallet online and those are very nice also. Please post pics when you get yours tell me what you think.
  10. I LOVE the denim satchel. It's got such a different and unique look - quite eye-catching in my opinion. I'm "trying" to save up for one myself. The khaki is cute, no doubt, but I am sooo in love with the denim coach purses.

    Either way you choose, it'll look great!
  11. I vote for the denim but keep in mind that I am generally a fan of the denim anyway. The brown just seems too boring to me.
  12. I think the denim bag thing will pass, where the brown may be more timeless.
  13. Good point
  14. Denim in the U.S.A. pass . . . no. America loves it's jeans and tennis shoes. Denim for Coach is seasonal, released for late spring early summer.

    I don't have my denim tote anymore from 2004. It didn't matter when I used it, it always got compliments. I didn't use it because it was "in" I used it because it carried a lot of stuff!

    The fashion industry is so fast paced, they'd like to psych us up and suck us in with latest "it" thing. We all have are own "personal uniform" you are going to get what suits you!
  15. I love the brown stripe. I heard that there might be color transfer problems for the denim and the brown is so classic and it fits on your shoulder. But, you should choose which bag makes you happier -- your brown wallet and accessories will look just fine with the denim.
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