Satchel Carriers A Question for you?

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  1. I got this satchel last week at the outlet. I realize it is not as heavy as the leagcy satchel but when I tried my stuff in it last night, it felt heavy. And the rolled handles were kind of bugging me too. I can carry this one on my shoulder but it is not as comfy as a shoulder bag. I am trying to decide if I need to return or give it a chance. Has anyone kept a bag they were iffy about and ended up liking it?
    satchel 002.jpg
  2. I'm a firm believe in if you don't just absolutely love it from the start, you probably wont grow to love it, with most things, the initial novelty even wears off

    I would return it and get something you love
  3. Court, did you keep the geranium satchel? Did you have problems with heavy bags due to an injury?

    Thanks for your input!
  4. Well I decided to keep it. I took it out on some errands and it didn't feel that heavy today. I noticed its rather light until I put my stuff in it so I didn't put as much in it today. I had been wanting a satchel for a long time and like the camel color.
  5. I agree with Court on this, but as having it goes, I've never had that problem with mine. It's not too heavy and stays put for me.
  6. no, I didn't keep the geranium. It was very heavy, and it was too hard to get in and out of. It was very sad to let it go though, I wish there was a shoulder bag in that exact color with the legacy lining etc. Yes, I have very bad back problems and I can't feel my lower right leg or foot from a nerve injury that happened from scar tissue after two back surgeries that were two weeks apart back in Jan 06. Heavy bags are not good, but I just love the big bags!!

    I also just got a Mandy off of eBay, but I can't even think about carrying it until I'm better, way too heavy not good for the back

    I've been carrying my patent ergo with as little stuff in it as possible. Doc didn't even like that bag, but I still carry it some, if I'm just going out for a little bit I just carry a wristlet
  7. I have tried to keep bags that I was unsure about but SERIOUSLY there was instances where it actually kept me up at night. I am now a firm believer, if you are not completely in LOVE with it, you need to return or exchange it. The things that bother you will only get worse with time, you won't end up growing to love it, trust me. Good luck! Maybe try the chelsea satchel. The straps are great for hand or shoulder and the bag is actually fairly light, but still big!
  8. Well I already cut the tags off and carried it today so it is mine now. I actually like it now that I've carried it. I was looking for a satchel for awhile and the color and style fit the bill. I went to bed thinking I'd return it but today I felt sad at the thought. Now here's hoping I can keep the pebbled leather looking clean!
  9. wow, you saved a lot!

    I am glad you like it better after carrying it! From my own experience with the pebbled leather, it is easier to keep clean than regular leather! :smile:
  10. I'm glad it worked out for you & you saved a ton a money! :tup:
  11. great advice! i totally agree. if i find the item i'm purchasing, whether clothes or a coach purse, questionable or i'm unsure whether i'll actually use it, then i return it or don't purchase it. i'd rather buy myself something that i will be 100% happy with and will absolutely use. i've also saved myself a lot of money that way too! :smile:
  12. I have a satchel and when I first started using it it was quite heavy with all the hardware. It's definably the heaviest purse I have. I don't carry it everyday but I love it. Like rethreads said it is very easy to care for. Congrats on your great deal!
  13. Hey Helen! I have the same bag and I love it! It is a bit heavy, but the great thing about that satchel is that it fits on your shoulder! most of them don't and if sitting in the right place at the right time can feel like your arm is about to come off. Try pulling it up to your shoulder, thats why it curves in at the top, it's got a nice neat fit! I love that color by the way!
  14. I have a question ladies,

    How much do the Chelsea Satchels in suede run? My boss's wife says she paid 800 for it.........??

    TIA :smile: