SATC luvs LV!


bag obsessed!
Dec 29, 2006
Oh man.. I wasn't into LV when the show was out (probably b/c I was a poor college student then..LOL) so I have to go back now and watch the DVDs and see all the bags you guys are mentioning!!
Oct 3, 2006
there are quite a few a few louis featured in SATC remember the epi where they all went to the hamptoms Carrie had a whole vernis set in baby blue

Well, I must really have LV on my brain -- when I read your response I was trying to think of what "epi" bag you were talking about. I had to re-read twice to realize that "epi" was being used as short for episode! :smile:

But, yes, I do remember that vernis set in baby blue on SATC!